Sinaive Prep Super 45 t.

French group Sinaive are crafting this perfectly fuzzy brand of pop that has me on the edge of my seat as I wait for their new Super 45 t. EP. Opening up with this wall of scuzzy fuzzy guitars immediately captures my attention. From there it turns right into something cozy and warm, with the melodies mingling together to create this wonder-world of daydreaming. Few band really capture the perfect balance between noise and pop elements as perfectly as this French quartet do. Plus, they’re releasing their EP with one of my favorite labels, Hidden Bay Records (also Arvo Disques/Hellzapoppin Records); the whole EP drops at the end of May, but you can get seduced right below!

Rose Mercie Share Sweet Place Video

I’m still pulling for Rose Mercie‘s new album to make some waves in the US this go round, and maybe this new single will do the trick for some folks. Obviously, the song flirts with the darkened corners of pop music, but I like the way it sort of manipulates the pace to work against our modern expectations. In a way, the drums roll across, but they seem to sort of bob and weave there, and the vocals ride that wave, like a lost ship at sea. In terms of the vocals, I love how there are added textural vocal layers added as the song progresses, adding a certain fullness to what’s at play in the song. Their new album Kieres Agua will be released by Jelodanti and Celluloid Lunch next week!

Rose Mercie Prep Kieres Agua LP

In 2018, Rose Mercie released this beautiful self-titled album with various labels, but namely Austin’s now-defunct Monofonus; it was a brilliant record that would have gotten much more praise had it been more “Americanized.” Well, here we are a few years later and the band have Kieres Agua on wait, and I’ve got this brilliant opening piece here to entice your ears. This track would fit well on a Mexican Summer roster, slowly building over these desert-like guitar riffs, with little adventurous noodles playfully contrasting the sedate nature at the forefront. It’s a bewitching opener from their next LP, which looks to be out at the end of May via Celluloid Lunch and Jelodanti, so here’s to hoping more folks fall for it.

Enjoying Singles from Coeur Joie

The good thing about mellow music weeks is that you get a chance to indulge in tunes you might have missed or you can prepare from forthcoming releases from friends. So, here I’ve been listening to French outfit Coeur Joie (translates to heart joy) before the release of their new album tomorrow, and I immediately wanted to share the tunes, despite my limitations with the French language. Somethings supersede lyrical content, and these tracks have that emotional appeal where it just hits you immediately, burying you in a listening cocoon that lets you escape from the world. They release Allumettes au bout des iles tomorrow on Hidden Bay Records, so be sure to enjoy the samples below, and grab the whole meal tomorrow!

One More Nightwatchers SIngle

Here’s the deal friends. If you have yet to check out the French post-punk outfit Nightwatchers, well we maybe just shouldn’t be friends anymore. The band has powered through a raucous 2019 debut La paix ou le sable, and now have their sophomore effort, Common Crusades, coming out on October 8th via Lovely Records. Prior to that release date, the band is treating us to one more single with this new one called “Their Turn Trying to Rule the World”. This comes after the stunning tunes “1905 & The Muslim Exception” and “White Fathers”. The straight of it is, you’re going to want to pick up this record.

Another Hit From Nightwatchers

French based rockers Nightwatchers have really tuned my ear into their brand of punk rock with tons of melodic and poppy undertones. They released a stellar debut album entitled La Paix Ou Le Sable in 2019 and have already shared the impressive track “1905 & The Muslim Exception” earlier this summer. Today I am pumped to be one of the first to share with you the latest Nightwatchers single, “White Fathers”. Once again featuring some gnarly, almost growling vocals and an incredibly catchy rhythm, you really should be listening to this band if you are not currently. Start today and see what all my hype is about.

Nightwatchers will release this track as part of a new album entitled Common Crusades due out October 8th on Lovely Records.

Simon Merle Drops Solo LP

To be fair to Simon, he’s received tons of coverage on this site, though that’s been entirely due to his songwriting duties in the now defunct outfit, the Bankees. Simon’s voice has always been a strong pull for me, and it remains one of the central focal points on this album, as he’s working with pretty barebones construction here, mostly wrapping his voice around soft strumming (and the occasional backing vocal) throughout the LPs entirety. But, there are moments when little details creep in, like on my favorite “I Can’t Talk.” There’s even some Bolan-esque ballads here, like “Never Be Famous,” so you’ll likely spend a good amount of time immersing yourself in the entirety of this album. Give a listen and its a NYOP download!


Nightwatchers Deliver New Single

A couple of years ago I came across the French punk band Nightwatchers and immediately submerged myself in their music. Their killer debut LP from 2019, La paix ou le sable, is still in heavy rotation on the turntable at home. Well the gents are coming back this year and kicking things off with this raucous new single called “1905 & The Muslim Exception”. It brings that some sort of raw, explosive energy we heard from the debut and builds on the sound with a more mature and slick approach to songwriting and production. If you don’t know about the band, you need to get informed.

Nightwatchers will release this single as part of a new album entitled Common Crusades due out this fall on Lovely Records.

Good Morning TV Share Entertainment

Originally created as a solo outlet for Berenice Deloire, Good Morning TV has now expanded into a full band, and we, the listeners, get the benefit of this expansion. We slide into the booth right next to Berenice, casually relaxing in the gentle pop waves and churning guitar lines. But, drawing nearer the two minute mark, the band starts to really come to life, awakening themselves and the listener by bursting in with this billowing noise that delivers this rewarding vibrancy. Then it all fades away, leaving us satiated but wanting more! We can get more when the band release Small Talk via Geographie Recs on June 18th.

Did You Check Out Johnny Mafia

Some days I wake up and I just want something loud and fun; I don’t give a shit about pretense or cool, I just want a straight-up banger of a hit…like this one from Johnny Mafia. This track races in immediately, utilizing gang vocals to anchor in that joyous celebratory nature; it’s precisely the attitude I was looking for to start off my day! The drums are pounding and furious, with the guitars just building up this huge wall of noise behind, though hanging on with just a slight hint of melody in there. The French outfit get bonus points for keeping it short, sure not to overstay its welcome, as you too much of a good thing can go bad! Check this track on the band’s new album Sentimental, out via Howlin Banana Records.

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