Catchy Pop Number from Tapeworms

I’m super in love with this new track from French gaze-pop band Tapeworms. Margot Magnieres helps get the song underway with this sort of sly croon, sliding right underneath the bounce of the keys and guitar; you think you’re lost in some magic pop realm, tapping your toes playfully. Suddenly, right at the 1:45 mark, the pedals get pushed down and you’re hit by this barrage of swelling noise that you can’t run from. All the while, Margot’s still there, still bringing you in with her voice. If you dig this style, you’re going to really enjoy listening to the band’s debut LP, Funtastic, out September 25th via Howlin Banana.

Born Idiot Share I’d Rather Lie

This Fall, our friends over at Geographie will be releasing Full Time Bored, the brand new long-player from Born Idiot. This past week, they dropped this brand new single, which I’ve taken quite a liking to this morning. It’s a subtle pop number, almost as if it draws inspiration from the modern bedroom pop tendencies; it feels almost quite and soothing. That said, this is a full band affair, meaning you get a little more texture and swell to the band’s sound, adding that depth that more often than not lacks in the bedroom genre. Stoked to hear another great release from the folks over at Geographie; this drops in October!

Cathedrale Share The Bet Video

It’s weird how the world works. Two albums into their career already and I’m just now hearing of French outfit Cathedrale; I owe it entirely to this ridiculously catchy pop boppper. This tune brought out the energy immediately with a quick drum roll and the throb of bass bobbing in the speakers. Guitars soon joined the fray, and before the vocals even came in I was having a ball listening to this tune. That’s the thing, the vocals are definitely in that sort of indifferent punk mode, and I dig that, but some of the best parts occur in the absence of voice. You can feel the fun in the chorus, though there’s no chorus; the band just let go and carry you away with exuberant garage rock. Their 3rd album, Houses are Built the Same will be released on March 27th via Howlin Banana Records.

En Attendant Ana Share Do You Understand

In case you didn’t know, Juillet, the new LP from En Attendant Ana, is ready to blow you away next year. I’ve spent a good deal of time with the record, and this has to be one of my favorite tunes on there; I got hooked immediately on the opening, sort of teasing you with this sharp meandering guitar line that precedes this heavy rolling drum beat, setting the groundwork for the vocals to come bounding through the track. Once they’re in, you’re tapping your toes with the melody, guitars swirling and churning through your ears. This is how I want my pop music! The band drop that new LP via Trouble in Mind Records (who did a great year end list for us HERE) on January 24th, so if you haven’t pre-ordered, rectify that immediately!

En Attendant Ana Announce Juillet

If you thought 2018’s Lost and Found was a brilliant pop record, you better get prepared to be blown away by En Attendant Ana‘s follow-up, Juillet. Their opening single alone packs this incredible punch, moving through the various stages of intoxicating pop. You get thirty seconds of this dreamy performance and soaring vocals; the vocals stick around, but the band build in this furious rhythmic pulse accented by little angular guitar plus and machine gun drum rolls. But, the band wouldn’t have landed on such a special label like Trouble in Mind if they weren’t willing to push boundaries and expectations; they spend a good part of the song’s latter half flirting with discord and experimentation, only to bring back the vocals to complete the full pop circle as the song draws to a close. Could your favorite song of the year just now be popping up? Yeah, yeah it could. Juillet will be out on January 24th via TiM.

Charming Pop from Orouni

Perhaps the greatest thing about working on this site for the last ten years or so are all the incredible and kind artists who’ve reached out to say hello or share a song. This is exactly how I stumbled upon this special track from French outfit, Orouni. The band are pretty open about their affinity for Belle and Sebastian and the Divine Comedy, and you can hear that in the way they craft these broad sweeping arrangements behind simple vocal melodies; it sounds like a live film score written especially for you in your bedroom. The story behind this particular track was comes from a tale in the New Yorker about an employee stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. This is absolutely brilliant; you can find the tune on their latest LP, Partitions, available now from December Square.

Marble Arch Share Video for Today

I’ve spent a lot of time this year praising Marble Arch and their latest LP, Children of the Slump…so why stop there when they drop another video from the album. This tune was one of those really special ones for me when I first stumbled upon this LP; it reminded me a lot of Radio Dept., sort of offering up this spirited pop kaleidoscope that seemed digitally altered whilst also feeling wholly organic. I feel like the video does a great job matching up with that vibe, particularly because of the way the lighting; it feels like the lines of the world are blurred through the lens of pop aficionados, and I’m ever so in love with it. Children of the Slump is available now via Geographie.


Lovely Video From Fiasco

It’s been a crazy week here and I’m looking for some nice tunes to close out the week and send me into a relaxing weekend. Oddly enough, I’ve found my weekend jam from Parisians Fiasco and their latest single “Spring Thorns”. For me the band has a unique and interesting approach to a largely overdone shoegaze/coldwave genre. The song has a nice and bright guitar, husky vocals, and this feeling of urgency as if the song might just come off the rails at any point.

Fiasco will release a new EP entitled Duel on May 24th via in silico records.

Have Another One From Nightwatchers

My new favorite French band Nightwatchers have another new single for you people to listen to and enjoy. This one is called “UPCist to the Bone”, and much like their previous single, you’ll immediately find a lot of passion and energy packed into this post-punk gem. At this moment in time I’m super bummed the band weren’t here during SXSW because who knows when we’ll be able to catch a live show. Until then, check out the song below and rock out.

Nightwatchers will release new album La Paix Ou Le Sable on April 12th via Lovely Records.

Playful Pop from Trumpets of Consciousness

I don’t know how to explain my adoration for this new track from French outfit Trumpets of Consciousness, but one things for sure, I’ve been playing it happily for the last hour. For one, it’s seemingly an homage to my wife, Stephanie; we like to go out on Saturdays. Musically, the song’s got this weird amalgam of sounds, at times sounding like Phoenix, then twisting into this extravagant sibling of Radiohead, then slinking back to this intoxicating bounce that one can only find in French pop of the best sort. And if the song doesn’t do it for you, then surely the video will; it’s clever stop-action footage matched perfectly to the tune. Their new LP, Approximate drops this Friday via Echo Orange.

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