Don’t Overlook Rose Mercie

There’s a million songs a day coming to most of us, so you’ve got to dig a little deep to find some real gems. That’s how I stumbled upon French outfit Rose Mercie, who are preparing for the release of their self-title debut. Some outlets have thrown in comparisons to the Raincoats or The Shangri-Las, and all are fair, but there’s definitely a more modern twist around here. Just listen to the guitar on the track below; its angular and spirited, but presented in a casual fashion…akin to a dozen modern acts over here in the States. If you’re hoping to find some pop music on the unique side of things, then this is where you should go. Their debut is being released by SDZ Recordsand Monofonus Press on March 2nd.

Upbeat Pop from Wind Mile

Wind Mile reached out to me the other day with a brief story of their move from France to Norway; they also offered up this new ditty they’ve crafted together. You’ll find the tune rather infectious, with bouncing rhythms similar to what we heard from The Drums on their first run through the media circus. That being said, Marie has a penchant for dreamy vocal stylings. It’s a song filled with lots of promise, and a hook that makes it something you’ll return to throughout the next few days.

The Bankees Are Back

It hasn’t been that long since the last release from The Bankees, but we were under the impression that Friends (2015) would be the last release from our favorite French popsters. Luckily, Simon reached out this week to drop me their new album, Sunny Days. It’s carefully crafted casual pop music, with hints of Kevin Morby or Dan Bejar, but what I love is that the track are succinct, with only a couple of the tunes stretching beyond the 3 minute mark. You’ll find this record fits perfectly into your afternoon rotation, letting you drift off into the slow crawl of the day.

Enjoy a New Lesneu Tune

Lesneu is a French pop act, and something quite special on this midday adventure. While one could easily put it into the realm of dream pop…there’s much more. The song takes you on a musical journey, or at least moves you in that direction. Drums open, then bass and ringing guitar play off in the distance as an atmospheric wash crosses your speakers. Then come vocals, a minute later, coolly riding the song’s natural vibe. Throughout, the guitars just hang back, lightly circling your ears, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to soar as the track progresses. This track features on the new album Lovin, which will be released by Music from the Masses on December 12th.

French Pop from Mina Sang

How does one attach themselves to a song in a foreign tongue? Well, perhaps if you’re an anglophile like myself, you’ll wonder the same question when you listen to this tune from French singer Mina Sang. There’s an understated production backing her voice…simple drumming, a slight synth bounce. But, as simple as that may seem, her voice has completely won me over; it has these soft tones, even as she reaches for higher notes. Don’t know much else, but you better love this track!

Get Swept Away With Poussin

Poussin is a relatively new French band with a new single I’ve been enjoying over the last day or so. It’s quite difficult to find information about the group online as most of their content is posted in Frenchand Google searches return some odd hits. Whether we know much about them or not, I’m sure you can enjoy the beauty in this song called “The Rose and the Flame”. It reminds me a lot of North Carolina based Lost in the Trees, but with a bit more build up and rocking moments near the end.

Stay tuned as we receive more information on this new French group.

The Bankees Are Back

I’m not sure if this is just a world of circumstance coming together or if the Bankees will reunite in full, but I’m glad the band is back with their new mini-album, The Family Man…even if only for a minute. While on hiatus, the members of the band had families, fell in love and moved forward in their life after toiling in the music world for some time; these songs all reflect those moments, building their new lives into new songs. Musically, the songs are light and hopeful, employing the band’s knack for using harmony and touching on the various indie elements we all love. Enjoy their new album…and hope that even if their appearances are brief, that they’re always coming back to give us more.

MNNQNS Bring Dark Pop

mnnqnsAs the year draws to a close, folks are scrambling for the last bit of great tracks to fill their sites. Me, I’m just digging deep, looking for gems I missed out on earlier. I stumbled across MNNQNS, a French act who’ve just released their Capital EP, and the lead track is definitely worthy of some attention. It’s got all the right elements of brooding and discord, yet they’re woven tightly around a pop sensibility that always helps me gravitate towards repeat listens. You’ll also find a bit of exploratory noise rounding out the back half of the tune, which is a nice touch. Enjoy this one.

French Pop from Le SuperHomard

lesuperI can always count on Jigsaw Records to provide me with something delectable, and in this case that just happens to be French act Le SuperHomard. Our first listen to their new album Maple Key is a synth soaked bit of sunny pop, dusted lightly with a nice female vocal hook that floats about. There’s energetic pulse coming from the percussive section, so that adds a fortunate layer for listeners begging for a little sugar punch. This new full length will be released on September 22nd via the label…which you should browse for added pop fandom.

Bedroom Gaze from Marble Arch

marblearchNot sure where I first stumbled upon Marble Arch, but my bandcamp scouting reported that a new tune was up…and it immediately filled a hole in my listening rotation. Honestly, it’s a dense bit of bedroom pop, organized around electronic beats/samples; it doesn’t fall too far from the realm of Radio Dept., except this is a wee bit more dreary in its atmospheric positing. It’s rainy day music done perfectly right, but you can listen to it any time really…or at least that’s my recommendation.

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