Video Premiere: Biblioteka – Tick Tock

Today I am pumped to share with you all this video premiere for “Tick Tock” from Seattle based rock n roll band Biblioteka. It sort of gives off this very The Hives vibe with a touch of 60s era garage/fuzz rock. It’s a fun, rocking number with a trippy and trance inducing video to go along with the overall psych mantra of the track.

“Tick Tock will appear on Biblioteka’s new album entitled Pretty Ugly which is due out on July 24th via Freakout Records. We’ll mark out calendars.

Danceable Pop from Gold Casio

For those of you already looking towards the weekend, you might be struggling a bit to get to the finish line. What better way than to find a spirited electro jam from Gold Casio to lift your spirits and get you through the next 48 hours. Listening through this new single, there’s obviously a huge level of playfulness from the band…from the pulsing beat to the lyrics wrapping around each other. Falling synths with a natural tempo stomp; it’s okay, you can have a little fun today too! The group will be releasing their new Sinners EP on April 20th via Freakout Records.