Dot Dash Release Video for Unfair Weather

I’ve already encouraged you to go give Proto Retro a thorough listen, but in case you keep ignoring me, I’m going to continue to give you a healthy dosage of Dot Dash. They just dropped this mostly live footage video for album standout “Unfair Weather.” This track puts the group’s crystalline guitar pop tendencies on display…you know, the sort everyone whose anyone is trying to pull off these days. Plus, the rhythm section is always on point, which gives the guitar work space to sort of meander around the perfect harmony. And, if you love this song, you can grab it for free over HERE, or grab the whole LP!

Free Music from Palms on Fire

1501060_787234427980208_1557624226325387883_oWell, we’re only a few days away from that whole 2016 thing, and it’s already looking promising for those on the hunt for great indiepop…namely these two new track from Palms on Fire. Right now, Shelflife is offering the tunes for free on their site, just as a hint as to what you can expect from the band’s new record coming out at the end of January. It’s got that rolling indiepop feel, with just a touch of jangling, a traveling drum beat and a really pleasant female vocal. Just another one of those songs that makes you feel good about being you and about being a fan of music. Enjoy.

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ATH Records to Work with The Ocean Party

oceanpartyUp until now, I’ve stuck mostly close to home for releasing records via ATH Records, and I’ve been really proud of that.  But, every once in a while, you have to step outside your comfort box and do something big.  So, I’ve decided to work with Spunk Records and the Aussie outfit, The Ocean Party.  They’ve already got a couple of great releases to their name, which we’ve covered on our site, so I’m really happy to be part of this new effort, Light Weight. The album will be out in October, but for now, you can grab a download of their excellent first single below.

Check HERE for updates and other ATH Records releases like Rose Sélavy/Templo X and the Lochness Mobsters (both out this week).

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Brand New Song from Dream Boys

10624604_757477180962452_2560762181686648683_nI owe the entire enjoyment of this song to our friend over at IPSML; he pointed me in the right direction (as always), though I’ll admit I’ve been aware of the Dream Boys…just not this brand new single.  There’s something in the spritely jangle that makes my heart swell; you’ll even find a quieting coat of atmospherics draped across the shoulders of the vocals on the back end of the song.  It’s off a brand new 7″, but that reminds me that if you didn’t catch their last self-titled LP you’re a dummy and I hate you (I’m being childish, but it’s that good!).  Just try to ignore this wonderful song.


Download: Dream Boys – Positive Arguments [MP3]

Rey Pila Revive New Wave

ReyPila.RP_.web_Hailing from Mexico City, Rey Pila is a band that sort of fell off my radar until I caught one of their sets during SXSW this past year.  Now that they are back in my regular listening rotation, I’m excited to share a great new 80s inspired track with you today called “Blast”.  One will immediately hear the new wave throwback style, but the vocals from singer Diego Solorzano are what really stand out for me throughout the synth laden pop tune.  I immediately have this image in my head of a bunch of Nerds in a house fixing up montage…. And yes, that is definitely meant as a compliment.

Details of a new album will be coming shortly via Cult Records.

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Coastal Jam from American Photo Club

When I first heard this, I knew I recognized that guitar sound (it’s U2 right?), but the hook that hid in the chorus is what let me overlook the slight resemblance here.  American Photo Club have just self-released a new self-titled EP, and it’s filled with gems just like this one, catchy and sprawling.  It’s a good way to continue rocking and rolling this week, filling your ears with “woahs” and a spirited chorus that begs you to sing along.  I don’t know what it is about this jam, but if you like what you hear, you can grab the EP for free from the guys.


Download:American Photo Club – We Are All The Same [MP3]

New Music and Free Album from Treefort

Madison’s always had a vibrant music scene, and it appears there’s a new band coming out of the scene that I expect to make some waves.  Treefort is the name of the group, and they’ve just released Tres Fort.  On the opening track, which we’ve got below, the track opens with cascading guitars; I dig the bright guitar beneath the fuzzed out riffs.  It’s a bit like a shoe gaze track, but there’s more of a concise pop element to it.  The band just released this record for free on their site, but you can also help the group out by purchasing a cassette from them for super cheap.  Hope you dig it.


Download:Treefort – Hideout [MP3]

The Shivers Offer New Album For Free

The new album More from NYC based band The Shivers has been one of my hidden gems of the year that seems to be getting more and more plays this summer.  For those that are still on the fence about the band, they have just put up their new album as a free download via The Awl.  If you remember our original post on gritty pop song “Used to Be”, you should appreciate the group’s versatility with this song “Love is in the Air”.  Its Motown baby making style mixes in nicely with the incredible new pop record from The Shivers.


Download: The Shivers – Love Is In The Air [MP3]