Austin Free Week: Monday Highlights

That’s right folks, Free Week is now more like Free Week and A Half.  I had a blast last week, catching favorite acts like Young Girls and Bad Sports, but we’ve got to soldier on.  Monday is a little tame on the scheduling, but don’t forget we’ve got to support our scene and the incredible artists in Austin doing their best to make it what it is for us all. Here’s my suggestions for your night.  Read more

Free Week Recommendations for Saturday!!!

We’re coming to the end of the good times, and the weekend is chock full of excellent shows to catch. I encourage you all to get out and support/see as many bands as possible, as that’s what keeps our music community energized…which is something we all claim makes Austin great, so we gotta support it.  Here are my suggestions.

Punk Show @ Mohawk — A Giant Dog, OBN IIIs, Grape Street — Some of the best acts in Austin for rock n’ roll of the faster sort.

Quiet Company @ the Swan Dive — The group released an excellent album last year, so catch em’ while they’re hot.

Fresh Millions @ The Parish — We’ve raved about these bros for ages, and it’s a requirment that you catch them at least once in your lifetime. Do it now. Free.

Rock Show @ Beauty Bar — Ringo Deathstarr and Black Books, just to name a few.  Do we need to say more? Those acts alone make it worth your time!

Sample these tracks from Freshmillions and Black Books:

[audio:] [audio:]

ATH Free Week Guide

So it’s that time of year again in Austin when all us music nerds get our geek on with a slew of free shows going on.  Thats right folks, it’s free week in Austin!  Now we know that the free shows really began this past weekend, but ATH was nursing a minor hangover from New Years so we missed out on those shows.  We would however like to share our picks for the best show each night of the week going through the upcoming weekend.  Obviously options abound for shows and choosing just ONE show for each night was a tough chore for us.  We just figured that you could see ALL your options on most other sites in town.  We’d recommend Show List Austin or Do512 for all expansive show lists.  Follow the jump for our nightly recommendations.

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