Crisp Indie Rock From Decorations

10371487_858375374237169_1733730842081193402_nEveryone needs a little bit of breezy indie rock every once and a while to keep things light and jamming. Today, that source of lightness comes from the radio-ready, anthemic track called “Promise” from LA’s Decorations. It’s got everything you need for a sunny spring day; clean electric guitar sounds that flood the mix with brightness, while a bit of piano balances out the furious guitar and driving percussion. This song is fun and free, with catchy chorus’ to keep your Thursday light. Take a listen.


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Bright Pop From Young Man

tx3p_SMYM1crJoryCordyThis new tune “Unfair” from Young Man is about as straightforward and easy to catch on to as it gets when talking about pop music.  I really dig the swirling guitars and breeziness that mixes in beautifully throughout the song.  It’s not likely that you’ll find a better pop tune if you try looking for one.

New album Beyond Was All Around Me hits stores on April 9th via French Kiss Records.


Download: Young Man – Unfair [MP3]

New Music From The Dodos

The Dodos get all kinds of attention on this website so you know when they have new music, we’ll surely be posting it and playing it.  This new single from the band “Black Night” is set to appear on upcoming LP No Color out March 15th on French Kiss Records.  How has this spring gotten so full of sweet new jams?


Download: Dodos – Black Night [MP3]

The Dodos – Time To Die

the_dodos_time_to_dieRating: ★★★★☆

Since you’ve already been introduced to the Dodos in the ACL Spotlight, I won’t waste any time with the bands history.  Time to Die is the bands second full length (both released on Frenchkiss Records), and initially it shared a lot of similarities with it’s predecessor, 2008’s Vister, but on repeated listens the familiarity wanes into something completely different.

On their debut the Dodos existed as a two piece and, per my experience, two piece bands tend to have a certain something that sets them apart from larger groups. Some would say it’s sloppiness, and I would I agree that there is a looser sound when it is coming from such a small outfit, but I would also argue that, in a two man band, there exists an earnestness that sometimes eludes bands with 3+ members.  When listening to Visiter you are listening to band trying to fill the space with their modest instruments and voices.  It was spectacular and exciting.

With Time to Die the Dodos have expanded to a three piece, filling out their sound with an extra percussionist.  This extra member doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the band, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t change the bands sound.  Gone is the frenetic pace, guitarist/vocalist, Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber are no longer scrambling to fill out the space.  They have let themselves relax and in that relaxation came a fuller, more realized sound.  On tracks like ‘Small Deaths’, ‘Fables’, and ‘Acorn Factory’ we find a more mature Dodos, content on letting their songs unfold naturally rather than rushing them.  ‘Troll Nacht’ showcases the newest member, Keaton Snyder on the xylophone, and is probably one of the most well rounded tracks on Time to Die.

I am excited about what the Dodos will do in the future, and if Time to Die is any indication this is a band we should all be excited about.  Check them out at the LiveStrong Stage at ACL on Sunday, October 4th at 12:30 p.m.


Download: The Dodos – Troll Nacht [MP3]