Pastel Coast Shares Distance Single

It’s Friday, and well, we’ve all got to celebrate surviving another day, let alone looking into a weekend. So, we’ve got French outfit Pastel Coast with a brand new single from their new LP for Shelflife Records. Every time I turn it on, you can definitely hear the influence of their countrymen Phoenix and Air; this tune seems to combine elements of both into a nice little package that seems both upbeat and intoxicating, without being overly kitsch. It’s a fun little tune that’s perfect to start your day, pulsing in and out like a little disco pop show; you know you wanna buy the record; Sun is out on June 4th!

Bootchy Temple Share Nowhere Else

I get that writing about music probably isn’t the most apt way to adjust to the world right now, but I’ve always been one to retreat to music, so here I am again with this lovely tune from Bootchy Temple. On this tune from the French outfit’s forthcoming LP, they’re sort of fashioning themselves between the worlds of paisley and psychedelia; it reminds me an awful lot of a more exploratory version of the Clientele. It’s blissful, though feels like a soggy foggy day, which is sort of a unique accomplishment in and of itself, if I do say so. In Consummated Bloom will be out on November 27th via Howlin Banana and Safe in the Rain.

Dig On Le Superhomard

I think I’ve fallen down a twee wormhole; I can’t stop spinning charming pop tune after tune. French outfit Le Superhomard are definitely where it’s at today, especially now that the band’s latest EP has dropped into the world. I can hear where Stereolab comparisons might come into play, with Julie Big’s huge voice working over these delicate electronic sounds; I do think that also minimizes the band’s songwriting prowess by casting them as copycats. Instead, listen to the subtle guitar strumming beneath the mix, washed over by space-aged keyboard notes and Big’s warmth. The Springtime EP just came out last week via Elefant Records, and it belongs with you wherever you collect your music.

Have a Nice Weekend With Lou Rebecca and Night Drive

It has been a pretty good week of electronic jams. From the new Fever Ray today to Bayonne’s latest to the Korine track. All solid offerings. Maybe you should just resolve to shimmy all weekend with this cooler weather. It is finally fall. LCD Soundsystem out at COTA seems a good way to spend Halloween. I am hoping my skwuad can rock our onesies. If you see a platypus, perhaps with a camera, say hi.

I will leave everyone with one last bit of electro-pop goodness. It is from French-born, part-time local Lou Rebecca, who with Josh Mills on programming and keys, has been turning out wonderfully crafted French disco. Holodeck picked up the pending release and we now have a full shimmy-inducing slice of heaven following the more thoughtfully subdued and bilingual lead single from the S/T EP.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3437600004 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=none track=559004883]

Almost forgot. Our friends Night Drive have a video out for “Trapeze Artist Regrets”. Check it.

Stream the Incorporee EP from Mina Sang

Not too long ago I posted about my discovery of Mina Sang via surfing the Internet. Well, checking back in with her page, I found that she’s now posted the entirety of her Incorporee EP. It’s delicious as I expected, with new track “Picnic, being the winner in my eyes…I love that Casio keyboard vibe with the vocals making a strong display on top. The opener and that tune alone are worth your listening time, but I implore you to delve into the French pop masterpiece (particularly the latter half of “Enfance”), lurking in between. Give it a go below.

DTCV Share A Great Pop Tune

untitledFrench group DTCV has always been difficult for me to classify. Are they pop? Post-punk? Fuzz rock? To me, the ability to blend all those styles and avoiding one distinct genre is what makes the band special. So with that in mind, check out this new track “Bourgeois Pop” and enjoy the true blending of those styles. What seems to be a straight up pop tune also has a bit of cojones behind it with some crunchy guitar and leads. Dig.

Confusion Moderneis coming on April 9th via Xemu Records.

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