Have Another From Tim Cohen

Our dear amigo Tim Cohen has quickly established himself as someone who is in the “can do no wrong” category at this point in his musical career. Wether it be his work in Fresh & Onlys, or as a solo musician, the guy’s music is loved by the entire ATH staff. Currently working on a new solo album, we’ve already heard “Goodness” from the LP, and now he’s offered up another new single called “I’m a Girl”. I shall let the single speak for itself and just say that you should most definitely check out this album when it drops. Educate yourself.

Tim Cohen will release new album The Modern World on September 28th via Sinderlyn.

A New Track from Tim Cohen

Tim Cohen seems to have slowed down a bit the last few years, but there’s never a day when I wouldn’t listen to something he’s crafted. He’s just announced a new record, and shared the single that’s below. There’s a soulful brood in the verses, something he’s grown into over the last few solo releases. You’ll find the chorus a bit playful, and perhaps that’s by design, giving a slight nod to pop structures…and it all sets up the closing “whose.” His new LP is titled The Modern World, and it drops on September 28th via Sinderlyn.

New Video from Fresh and Onlys

Tomorrow is the day we’ll all get to hear Wolf Lie Down in its entirety, but before the release, Fresh and Onlys have given us one last video/track to steer us in the right direction. There’s a Dali-esque quality to the video, with shapes bending and dripping…not to mention splicing it with creative band shots. On the track, it’s a long burner, filled with some really great guitar playing atop the steady drum pace. I really like the production on all the songs we’ve heard, which is probably while I’ll be picking up the new record tomorrow from Sinderlyn.

Never a Bad Day for a Fresh and Onlys Tune

While my fandom for Fresh and Onlys is pretty well-known by this point, I think their new LP could definitely turn more heads. On their latest single, you’ll hear a clarity that’s been building since the band’s earliest days. Still, they bring in these hook-laden riffs/vocals during the chorus…possibly offering the most pop moment of the band’s lengthy career. Honestly, it sounds like they removed the distortion from aTerry Malts record, and slowed things down…which in my mind is pretty fucking cool. Look for Wolf Lie Down to hit stores on August 25th via Sinderlyn.

Listen to More Magic Trick

magictrickWhat’s that? You need to eat more Wheaties? No, you need to listen to more Magic Trick. And, what better way to kick off your week then getting two new songs from Tim Cohen’s other project (he’s also in some band called Fresh and Onlys). I’ve written a bunch about his work in the past, and so I don’t really need to tell you much more than that I love listening to him, especially as he’s grown as a songwriter. Below you’ll find two new songs from his forthcoming Other Man’s Blues, which comes out via Empty Cellar Records on August 26th.

Yesterday’s News: New Magic Trick

magictrickI feel like the Fresh and Onlys are one of the most vital bands around today, hyperbolically speaking. First, the band’s great, consistent and still grows with each release. Second, the members such as Wymond Miles are great songwriters on their own…and now we have new Magic Trick, the long-time project of Tim Cohen. His latest LP is informed by his move to the Arizona desert and travels on the road, but it still wears the influences you’ve heard on his previous releases. The female backing vocals add this really haunting touch to the track, placing you in the world Cohen has envisioned. His new record, Other Man’s Blues, will be released by Empty Cellar Records on August 26th.

More from Wymond Miles

wymondIt’s almost as if we can leave the association with Fresh and Onlys in the dust, as Wymond Miles solo-work doesn’t seem to have too much in the way of commonalities, aside from the vocals. His latest single is this swelling pop masterpiece, cementing his talents as a standalone act. I love the varying tones in his voice, and the darkened tones of the guitar meeting the drums seem to contrast perfectly when it all meets in the middle. Call By Night, his new record, will be out on July 8th via Sacred Bones Records.

Continuously Impressed by Wymond Miles

wymondSince the Fresh and Only‘s seem to have slowed their prolific run, it’s allowed Wymond Miles to focus on some of his solo work, which is always great. I think this new single illustrates something wholly different for him, at least in comparison to his past efforts. His voice soars in a way that I don’t think I fully gave him credit for; it’s a really strong performance on that end. The construction of the song revolves around emphatic swells, crashing into your ears at just the right time, with carefully placed calming dips. Call By Night is the title of his new album, released on July 8th via Sacred Bones Records.

Check This Beautifully Dark Wall of Death Sound

wallofdeathYou’d think with Wall of Death as the band’s name that you’d get something dark and heavy. You do, except it comes in via the emotional pull of the track, rather than the music. When listening to the song itself, you find yourself in a strange place; it’s a place that revolves somewhere in the space between Air and a more ghostly Fresh and Onlys. I know, it sounds pretty ridiculous, in a good way, but you’ll have to take a listen to hear precisely what I heard on my first several run-throughs. This tune is the title track to their new album, Loveland, which hits on January 29th via Innovative Leisure.

Brand New Tune from Woolen Men

woolThe last few releases from Woolen Men really warmed me over, and it didn’t hurt that they were working with our friends over at Loglady Records.  Now the band is working with Woodsist for their brand new LP, Temporary Monument.  Their first single is reminiscent of 80s college radio rock, blended with a bit of that Cali haze a la Fresh and Onlys.  It’s also important to note that the song’s notes on the SC page indicate a situation that seems to be going on all across the States…bands fighting for their survival in lieu of corporate interests. You can grab the new album on September 4th, and stream the single below.

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