Show Preview: Fresh Millions @ the ND (4/11)

Date Friday, May 11th
Location The ND
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $5

Friday night is always perfect for a solid dance party, so your place to be on this rainy week definitely has to be the ND.  You’ll find a new line-up for Fresh Millions, as the group now is just the project of Geoff, working with loops and samples, rocking it out on his own.  But, while we love Geoff, there’s a couple of other names on the bill, and my personal favorite is Orthy.  I picked the group to have a huge year in Austin this year, and I want you to be a part of it.  Also, Ricky Jean Francois is filling the middle spot, and I’ve heard nothing but good things.  Dance party central? Let’s all show up and support the local gig.


Download:Freshmillions – Hot New Jam from ’73 [MP3]

Show Preview: Tech_Sys @ Scoot Inn (11/19)

Date 11/19/10
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 8pm
Tickets $7 @ Door

This Friday we are very proud to present tech_sys at Scoot Inn along with our partners Massive BeaconSwitched On, Republic of Austin, and iNSECT Records.  Music for the night is of course going to be provided by some of the most badass musicians around town.  The lineup is stacked with Ghost Mountain, Zlam Dunk, Neiliyo, Butcher Bear and Charlie, Florene, Focus Group, Zorch, Fresh Millions, and a Realness DJ set all planned for the night.  That’s got to be some of the best electronic/dance music this little town has to offer!  For only $7, I highly doubt any of you people have anything going on that could possibly be even half as fun as this show.  ATH staff members will also be on hand giving out free side hugs and juice boxes.


Download: Fresh Millions – The Helicopter [MP3]

Photos: Fresh Millions @ The Parish (8/14)

Saturday night at The Parish we helped put on an awesome show by local bands Fresh Millions, Love at 20, and Superlitebike.  Lucky for you and me, I made a new friend named Charles who just so happened to be a photographer with an impressive portfolio.  After the jump you can find some fancy photos Charles took at the show on Saturday.  If nothing else, you gotta see the badass laser show put on by Love at 20.  Superlitebike were also very impressive as I had never seen them live.  They know how to rock!  Oh and I’m sorry to Fresh Millions for having to bounce before their set, but I’ve seen them live and know they can rock the place as well.  Follow the jump for photos.

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Fresh Millions @ The Parish (8/14)

Date 8/14/10
Location The Parish
Doors 9pm
Tickets $7 @ Door

The week of shows sponsored by Austin Town Hall continues on Saturday night with a show by 3 of our favorite local bands.  All ATH Summer Mixtape bands, we proudly give the stamp of approval to all bands on this lineup.  Headlining the evening’s events are ecltro group Fresh Millions along with alt-rockers Love at 20 and indie rock kids SuperLiteBike joining in the fun.  At only $7, we’re sure this is the best bang for your buck in town.


Download: Fresh Millions – The Helicopter [MP3]