Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.6 – 6.10)

Pretty busy week over at ATH, jammed out to bunches of bunches of tunes, plus did a nice little quick wrap-up of what’s going on in the Austin scene. Our friends Dummy continued their world domination with their great new single from Sub Pop, plus we got some new tracks from forever faves Slow Rosary, Alex Dupree and Scarves…not to mention a bunch of newer acts we’re starting to fall in love with, like Blue Cove and Cusp. Check out the jams and enjoy your Monday my friends.

Fresh Drop Fresh New Single, Why Do I

This new Fresh LP is definitely on my list of anticipated listens coming into the Summer release schedule. The London outfit deliver consistent pop rock hooks that would fit on any cross-country playlist, ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs. The newest single has that same hook-laden delivery, but this one feels less frantic, in a good way. It’s bouncing on the rhythm section, but Kathryn Woods seems willing to calm things down, knowing you might need a bit of respite from the sing-a-long anthems that fill their catalog. This is Summer pop at its best, dropping Raise Hell on July 1st via Specialist Subject.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.2 – 5.6)

So much good music last week, and so much to cover. Well, we tried to get up as much as we could, plus Brian got some great photos of Good Morning and Packs. Here’s our weekly musical recap, with lots of awesome news, like new releases from Tan Cologne, Field Guides…and Voxtrot! I think the news of their Early Music compilation definitely made my week, even as I was held hostage in my classroom by state testing. Enjoy some jams from last week.

Me Rex Share Toilet of Venus

We already had a tune from Kathryn Woods other project Fresh earlier this week, so now we turn to another project she’s involved in, ATH faves ME REX. This track is punctuated by Myles McCabe’s clever wordplay and quick delivery of lines, with these keyboard lines thrown in to build on the band’s pop aesthetic. The chorus is ultra-catchy, as one would expect from the group, bringing up various ways for Myles to exclaim that “these are the best days of my life.” This song is a great way to start your morning, and will feature on the group’s Plesiosaur EP, out June 17th via Big Scary Monsters.

Fresh Return with Going to Bed

We’re really high on the forthcoming Fresh LP, which will be out later this Summer, so the band are dropping in another track to hold us over. While the tune opens with Kathryn Woods voice atop a mild synthetic element, the tune quickly jumps into angular rock n’ roll that makes the group so enjoyable. The drum work alone has the song galloping, with Woods trying to keep trace as the guitars skitter and jangle about; they even add in some horns, which is a super fun twist on this brand of pop rock. Plus, you get some sort of call-and-response bursts…this tune really does have it all, if you ask me! Raise Hell will be out July 1st via Specialist Subject Records.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.4 – 4.8)

Here we are folks, another Monday. We’re starting off the week, as we always do, looking back at last week’s hits, just in case our five followers missed a song or two. We’ve got new indie pop stuff from Red Sleeping Beauty and Jeanines, plus new tunes from long-time ATH faves, Stephen’s Shore. Then there’s a new Chronophage album on the way, so we’ve got that covered here too. It’s a quick little way to breeze into your week here, starting things off nice and light. Enjoy!

Fresh Announce Raise Hell LP

If you haven’t been listening to UK punks Fresh, then what have you been doing? I was stoked today to wake up and see that the band had just announced their brand new Raise Hell LP with a rocking new single. Kathryn Woods dominates the track, giving this powerful performance linked to the feeling of having a “mind that’s both under-stimulated and over-stimulated at the same time.” I love the way the bouncing keyboard sets up the huge drop in of heavy riffs to match up with the melodic delivery of Woods in the chorus. I can tell this one’s going to rip. Raise Hell will be out in July via Specialist Subject/Get Better Records.

Fresh Share My Redemption Arc

All sorts of great news as of late, and now lets add a new EP from Fresh to our reason to celebrate! The song’s got these huge stomping pop rock hooks, bouncing emphatically with the rhythm section, almost seemingly build for riotous performances in the live setting (just wait for that anthemic breakdown!). Kathryn Woods lets her voice soar above it all, penning lyrics about alienation and dealing with your problems, no matter where you find yourself out in the world. If you’re in the mood for joyous rock n’ roll with relatable subject matter, then give a listen below…and keep an eye on the outfit; they release The Summer I Got Good at Guitar on April 30th via Special Subject Records.

Fresh Share Girl Clout

As Spring begins to roll out, I have this natural inclination towards hook-laden pop punk, a la Spook School or or Marth…and today, there’s a new tune from Fresh. The London outfit blast through this with furious speed and pounding rhythm, stylistically stepping in line with the aforementioned bands, both punchy and hook-laden. Lyrically, Kathryn Woods takes aim at the musical patriarchy and faux allies going through the motions, begging the men and music fans in general to be better. The song rips, and so do the words, so spend a little time letting the song tear through your speakers. It’s good for you.