Real Deal Lo-Fi from Frozy

frozeYesterday I went on a big giant spin listening to Frozy, and their album from last year on Odd Box Records. What set me off? The video below! Not only is the song perfect, and the real deal when it comes to lo-fidelity, but it works in direct contrast with the video. Yet, when watching, it all works together so magnificently. I don’t really know how much more I can love this band right now, but all Iknow at this point is that this track will come out on a release some time in the future (hopefully later this year). Anyways…these guys aren’t lo-fi pretenders, which makes them all the better…that and the song kills.

My Jam of the Week: Hang Up by Frozy

frozeThis might be one of my absolute favorite songs this week. Frozy is a tri-country band, working together when they can, and while this song is short, it packs a great deal in under 1.5 minutes. There’s something romantic in the melody and the light-hearted tones of the guitars on this one. It reminds me a great deal of some of the cleaner pop songs that Comet Gain has been crafting for years, only making the tune more endearing…to me at least. The band has a new effort, Lesser Pop, which will be released later this month, courtesy of Oddbox Records