Enjoy Mouse Trap Now

Something about short and catchy songs makes me fawn, as I’m doing for this brand new album from Ft. Worth’s Mouse Trap. In a certain sense, it reminds me a lot of early Coma Cinema, bedroom pop that’s been rounded out by a bunch of friends getting together. But, the more I spend time with this listen, I can also see similarities to various bits of Built to Spill in the way vocal syllables are stretched, and the guitars offer a slight playful ring. I feel like I’ve just discovered this wonderful new secret, and hopefully someone out there finds it as charming as I do. Stream the band’s self-titled LP below.

Brand New Tunes from The Crystal Furs

crystalfursNot too long ago we were introduced to the indiepoppers, The Crystal Furs, hailing from a few miles North of us in Ft. Worth. Well, they just upped two brand new tracks that I think you’re going to love…at least I do. I love “Miss Hughes” in particular, blending aspects of Camera Obscura whilst putting on a janglier touch with the guitars. It’s a wonderful way for you to start off you Monday morning. Can’t wait to see these guys finally come to Austin. Happy Monday folks.

New to Me: The Crystal Furs

crystalfursWhile all my Internet friends were raving about the amazing time they had at NYC Popfest (still jealous) they also tossed me a nod towards The Crystal Furs…a Ft. Worth based indiepop act. They’re fairly new to the scene, and seeing as our love of indiepop is always going strong, I’m really stoked to have another band to fawn over, let alone one from Texas. They recently tossed out an EP titled the Pentacon Sessions, recorded while the band was still working on their sound and name. I figured music world is slow today, so why not share it with you all today. Stream below, and look for more from The Crystal Furs.