New Young Guv Tune

I love how Ben Cook continues to move towards the dancer side of his musical repertoire. While he’s spent a great deal of time with guitar in hand for Fucked Up, his own offerings as Young Guv tend to take on a whole new playful role. The guitars have an underlying shimmer, synths pump through the mix and you’ll find a nice little coat of wash atop the vocals…it all leads to his latest hit that will have you clamoring for more. It also comes with a great little video created by Tristan CM, who has created some audio postcards to go with Guv’s forthcoming releases. Look for the Traumatic 7″ via Slumberland Records this Friday.

Another Young Guv Tune

bcI’ve been approaching the new Young Guv effort with a bit of trepidation for some reason; I think the first single caught me off guard, but I can see why the always reliable Slumberland Records grabbed this new LP, especially after jamming this tune all day.  There’s a bit of gritty shoegaze in the way the guitars swirl around in the mix, but Ben Cook definitely takes hold of his newer pop-centric aims on his vocal display.  This is one of those tracks that could seemingly break through the universe and catch hold of every pop fan out there; it’s that good. Look for Ripe 4 to hit the streets on March 10th.

The Softer Side of Young Guv

younggzaWhen you’re working with a band like Fucked Up, people are bound to make assumptions about what your solo work will sound like, right? You’d think Young Guv, the band’s guitarist would bring us some sort of heavy-edged punk, or maybe the power-pop influenced touches he brought on his recent EP with the Scuzz.  But, it seems like Ben Cook has some doses of R&B smoothness built into his work; it’s evidenced in this groovy hit he’s just put out in anticipation of his new LP.  The title of the record is Ripe 4 Luv, perhaps giving us a hint that we should expect more songs like this; it’ll be released by Slumberland on March 10th.

New Music from Marvelous Mark

marvelous-markI figured we’d wrap up our week (I know it’s been slow from us) with this great new tune from Marvelous Mark.  He first came to my attention as part of Marvelous Darlings, which included Ben Cook of Fucked Up.  This new jam has him working solo, but the music’s still got the same feel.  It’s a power-pop fueled jam, holding tight to some pretty incredible melodies; it reminds me a lot of bands like Dead Stars or even Nada Surf…heavy-hitting guitars and catchy melodies.  You can pick this tune up via Bad Actors on his new Flexi 7″.

Rocking Jam from Smartboys

smartboys-promo-retouched-squareFeel like I’ve posted a few slower pop tunes today, so I had to pick up the pace a little bit with this tune from Smartboys.  The group is comprised of members of other acts such as US Girls and Fucked Up, so the band has a definite established pedigree.  But, unlike those other acts, this single has a little bit more focus on the pop side of garage rock, with an innate hook built in, allowing listeners to immediately attach themselves to the tune.  The Receiving the Bribe 7″ is out now on White Iris Records, so get your hands on it while its hot.

Fun Fest Battles: EITS vs Fucked Up vs Atlas Sound

Fun Fun Fun Fest is right around the corner now and it’s time for all of us to really start taking a hard look at the schedule.  Now the Fun Fest and Transmission crew have done a great job with the lineup and I honestly don’t see too many conflicts throughout all three days.  One big decision I’m seeing weighing heavily on everyone’s mind is Sunday late night with 3 solid bands all playing at the exact same time.  Up in this fight to the death battle we have Explosions in the Sky, Fucked Up, and Atlas Sound.  I guess De la Soul is also at the same time, but I just don’t see them factoring into this decision for me.  So you can get:

A. An incredibly talented local instrumental band that could close out your weekend nicely with an emotional set.

B. In your face rock n roll with a front man that might jump in the crowd and dry hump you.

C. Indie rock at it’s finest with one of our most talented current songwriters.

So what’s it gonna be kids?  Your decision will tell us all a lot about you.

Solid Rocker from Young Guv + the Scuzz

As if Ben Cook wasn’t busy enough with Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings, he’s gotta keep his own project, Young Guv going right?  Well, he’s joined up with some of his favorite musicians in Toronto, deemed the Scuzz, and recorded A Love Too Strong 12″, which will hit stores on July 31st.  It’s always interesting to listen to Cook’s work, as it definitely has a softer side than one would expect from the guitarist in Fucked Up.  This song reminds me of The Replacements a little bit, although there’s a softer edge to it overall–even with the Scuzz backing.  I’m pretty stoekd to hear the final product because this song is just killing it on my stereo right now.


Download: Young Guv + The Scuzz – Heal Over Time [MP3]

New Jam from the Roommates

Ben Cook and Mark Fosco have had a solid year in the music work, with their sweet jams being given out to via their respective bands, Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings. The group, now dubbed Roommates initially set out to record some songs for fun, with the idea of limited releases, but I’m glad some of these tracks are making their way out.  On March 20th Slumberland Records will be releasing a 7″ comprised of two of these tracks, and we’ve got the A-Side to run for you today. Given their recent  musical output, it’s no wonder that this has a nice little power-pop sheen to it, with steady drum playing backing the straight-forward guitar playing.  Regardless, it’s got all the hooks to make you a fan, clamoring for more. Check it.


More New Power Pop from Marvelous Darlings

We brought you the news a few weeks ago that Deranged Records would be releasing a compilation from Marvelous Darlings, the project of Fucked Up‘s Ben Cook.  This time around we have a brand new track that’ll be featured on the album, and it’s precisely what you’ve been promised. Everything you ever loved about pogoing around your room, with hints of Westerberg-esque delivery on the vocals pushing you to sing along.  Sometimes nostalgic throwback tracks just kick you in the teeth in the most enjoyable way, and I’m not going to stop playing this record as it’s filled with tracks just like this.


Download: Marvelous Darlings – Teenage Targets [MP3]

Straight Power Pop from The Marvelous Darlings (Ben from Fucked Up)

Most people associate Ben Cook with Fucked Up and the band’s hardcore roots, but his side project Marvelous Darlings takes on a different light altogether.  Throughout the last several years the band has released various singles and are now set to release a compilation of sorts combining all the music from those years.  The collection is titled Single Life and will be out on November 22nd via Deranged Records.  We’ve got the first track here to offer you, and it’s a solid little boogie through and through.  Once those lyrics kick in, you can definitely get ahold of the pop aspect.  With Fucked Up‘s future uncertain, I have a feeling we’ll see more from the band coming up.


Download: The Marvelous Darlings – I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party [MP3]

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