Electro Pop from Frst

I came across Frst due to the connection to Fujiya/Miyagi; synth player Steve Lewis is the man working in both bands. You can hear that sort of pulsating krautrock functioning as the song’s backbone, but it’s Johanna Bramli who lightens the mood with her ethereal vocals. Her notes seem so fragile, as if they could break upon the beats as they’re delivered; she delivers them in a casually soft manner, almost as if they’re just being whispered into the wind. The duo are now selling their new LP, Matters, which you can get your hands on by going HERE.

More From Film School

filmschoolA few weeks ago we were given our first glimpse of new Film School, after a fairly long hiatus (in relative terms), and now, we have another brilliant song that makes me regret the fact that the band’s been quiet for so long…yet perhaps that’s why this is so good…it’s coming out naturally, rather than being forced out there. There’s this propulsive rhythm building within, similar to the grooves that Fujiya and Miyagi brought us a few years back, yet I also here this expansive bit of darkened pop building out of all that. They’ll be releasing their June EP this week, which means you need to pick it up.