FFF8 in Pictures – Sunday Edition

King KhanSlow rolling is now done, though I think we may put up a PYAITK version of FFF8 coverage. FFF9 info is pending and you can recommend artists to the festival honchos.

But for now, you get to peep a ton of bad ass festival pics from a couple Sundays back. This edition features Cayucas, The Men, XXYYXX, Dennis McCoy, PLG, Matt Hoffman, Washed Out, Dismemberment Plan, Deltron 3030, MGMT, Bonobo, Slayer and King Khan with just enough crowd shots that you could be a star!

Click past the break people…

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FFF8 In Pictures – Saturday Edition

BleachedSaturday featured legends and legendary performances, though usually not at the same time. Johnny Jewel gets best performance of the day with double duty killer jams from Chromatics and a manic dance party with Glass Candy. MIA eludes me. I just don’t get it, but okay, the kids like to here abbreviated beats up and down. Ice-T let Bushwick Bill freestyle. Deerhunter had the most epic sound check ever, reconstructing “Marquee Moon” to test the levels.

This giant photo post features Frank Smith (kinda), Ola Podrida, Bleached, The Impossibles, White Lung, Chromatics, Geographer, Glass Candy, Television, Tycho, Deerhunter, MIA, Ice-T and The Descendants. Click through…

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FFF8 In Pictures – Friday Edition

The WalkmenDid you not go to Fun Fun Fun Fest? Wish to be tortured by a ton of images from Auditorium Shores? Did you go and want to try to find yourself in a crowd shot? Your ears still ringing from Snoop?

Are you are fan of twerking? Do you like Aussie Electro Pop? Is Hamilton dead sexy? Or is Little Boots more your speed? Big Freedia? Not judging…

Time to waste the rest of your day with the big gallery from Friday! Raise your pimp cup and click through to have your eyes treated to my festival.

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Prepare to Scavenge for FFF Passes

Date 9/22
Location Mohawk
Doors Registration 3:30
Tickets Free, but donate to Caritas

Feeling frisky? Feeling like getting that elusive receipt from your favorite fast food joint or a purple sock puppet?

It is on like Donkey Kong, the FFF8 Scavenger Hunt is scheduled for 9/21 in San Antonio, 9/22 in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Click here for the deets of when, where and what. You know the why.

FFF8 Lineup Leaked – 3Day Passes @ 10am

Date Nov 8,9,10
Location Auditorium Shores
Doors 11am (Show up Early)
Tickets On Sale @ 10am

The internet had the scoop overnight on the lineup for this year’s FunFunFun Festival, or as I call it, three-days-of-chasing-bands-with-a-camera-so-too-busy-to-catch-a-buzz Fest.

I am sure we will have previews galore, but the lineup this year has many alums of previous iterations with plenty of new faces to go along with the mayhem on three-by-two stages. The short list of jams – Slayer, Thee Oh Sees, Cut Copy, Kurt Vile, Television, The Walkmen, Johnny Marr, Delorean, Chromatics, Snoop, The Men, Descendents, Bonobo, Small Black, King Kahn, and oh soooo many more. If you can’t find a band you like in this line up, you suck at music listening and festivals.

Full list of leaked bands after the break…

Update: Poster is out, leaks are fun.





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