Spain Indie Labels Start Music for Gloves

Two things I love, Spanish indie labels, and a really great cause. Over in Spain, a bunch of the independent labels (like Bobo Integral and Meritorio) got together and gathered some rare and new tunes, put them all together, and are now releasing it under the title Music For Gloves. Each label has offered up some rarities in an attempt to raise funds to buy gloves for the hospitals on the frontline of this pandemic. I know we’ve got friends all over the world, so if this is of interest, this a great place to listen to new music and help raise funds. Here’s a new demo from my favorites, El Palacio de Linares.

New Pop Tune from Tugboat Captain

I’ve written about Tugboat Captain previously, and with the London outfit scheduled to show up in Austin for SXSW, I thought it would be a nice time to check back in on the band. They’ve just offered up this new tune in demo fashion in hopes of raising some funds for their 3rd LP, as well as that trip across the sea. Personally, I’m not sure what else they could really add to make this more than a demo, aside from punching up a level here and there in the mix. I love the breakdown at the 3 minute mark; it’s the perfect way to cap off a promising tune. If you’re inclined to support the group, you can go HERE to throw a buck or two their way.