Elephant Stone Share We Cry for Harmonia

Over the last year or so, Elephant Stone has slowly been offering up singles from their new record, Hollow. For me, I think my favorite thing still rings true with their latest work; they seem to nod towards psychedelia (especially considering the sitar gifts of founder Rishi Dhir), but they’ve always had a strong sense of melody. There are light twist and turns in the guitar work here, looking into the current psyche genre, but overall, you get the sense that these songs are crafted with the intention of seducing the listener. They do offer a nice burning jam in the song’s latter half, again paying homage to their pigeonholing. Listening through, you get transported to a new space, which definitely ties into the concept of the album, said to be about humans finding a New Earth after we’ve finished destroying our current home. Hollow is out on February 14th via Fuzz Club.

Get To Rockin’ With Crimen

Nathan and I are ready to kick off our summer time fun in the next day or so and we need some solid rock jams to power us through the season. Thankfully I’ve just been sent this solid new rocker called “Six Weeks” from Rome based band Crimen. It certainly has a psych rock vibe to it with powerful drums, fuzzy as hell guitars, and a superbly distorted bass riff. Give me more of this please.

Crimen will release Silent Animals on June 29th via Fuzz Club.

Some Psych Rock From Pretty Lightning

As some of us continue to say that guitar driven rock is a dying thing, I dare you to check out this new one called “Willow Valley Blues” from German based duo Pretty Lightning. With a psych rock theme, one will immediately notice the heavy guitars, wailing organ, tight drums, and majorly distorted vocals. Guitars are alive and well my friends!

Pretty Lightning will release The Rhythms of Ooze on November 10th via Fuzz Club.