Gritty Pop From Vacation

Summer presses along this week with no more soccer to watch but plenty of rocking tunes to add to your playlist. On this lovely Monday morning we have this new track called “Deflector Head” from Cincinnati based rock group Vacation. The song has a very nice, gritty, driving pop/rock sound to it perfect for your next pool party or adventure.

Vacation will release new album Mouth Sounds #2699 on July 27th via Let’s Pretend Records.

Get Rowdy With Calva Louise

It’s Thursday, the weekend is in sight, and I’m ready to party. At the moment, the band who seems the best prepared to party with me is London based artist Calva Louise. The trio has just sent along this new track “Outrageous” and it’s a raucous and fast rock n roll song. Imagine if a band like Death From Above added a lady lead singer like Marissa Paternoster from Screaming Females. If nothing else, it’s sure to wake your ass up this morning.

Real Banger From Table Scraps

Man when things get busy around here, they really get busy. I’ve been pushing through quite a hectic time with the ol real job recently, but I can always find some time to publish new rock n roll tunes. Today I’m back on the wagon with this real banging garage rock tune called “Sick of Me” from Birmingham, UK based band Table Scraps. This thing is basically a simple, straightforward rock number similar to something you might hear from Ty Segall or the like. You shall enjoy.

Table Scraps will release Autonomy on February 3rd via Zen Ten Records.

Silent Pictures Offer Throwback Garage Rock

unnamed (5)Bay area indie rock band Silent Pictures has just sent over this new single “Twisted Smiles” and I thought it might be something you guys would be interested in. This one sounds like a bit of throwback style garage rock to me with some elements of psych and dreamy brit pop mixed in nicely. I’ve already played this one about three times this morning and I’m positive many of you will be doing the same today.

Let it Be will be released on July 15th via Green Fuse Records.

Album Premiere: Mythical Motors

Mythical Motors - Selections lo-resIt’s not a typical thing for us to premiere an entire album stream on our website, but when it’s full of quality like this Mythical Motors album, we’re down for whatever. So basically what we have here is a career spanning compilation of singles entitled Selections From the Psychics Museum which features 22 songs spanning the Chattanooga based bands entire career. With so many songs for you to dive into, it may seem overwhelming at first for those unacquainted with the band. I say to you, patience my friends, I’m sure everyone can find something to enjoy and take with them. After a few spins, “Full Breathing Costume”, is a favorite of mine. This one is for fans of bands like Guided by Voices, Times New Viking, or even a local band like The Midgetmen. Check it out below.

Fall Break Records will release a limited run of cassettes as a physical release on May 27th.

Single Premiere: Residuels

unnamed (3)My old friend Mike, formerly of Night Panther, pointed me towardsthis new project of his the other day. Going by the name Residuels, the group play their very own version of garage inspired, guitar heavy rock and roll music. Today I’m pleased to share with you their rockin’ new single entitled “Ordinary”. I’m immediately having this image of a snarling lead singer with a backing band who are keeping the energy levels turned to 11. Impressive debut guys.

This song is part of a 7″ single release on vinyl which can be purchased from Born Losers Records here right now. Official ship date is Friday, May 13th.

Song Premiere: Apartment 3

Apartment3stooppicbetterJust the other day, Burlington, VT based Apartment 3 reached out to me in hopes we’d premiere their latest single here on ATH. After you hit play on this new track “Winter is Over”, I’m sure you’ll immediately see why I jumped at the chance. At its core, this is a garage rock tune with some elements of psych rock and penetrating vocals unlike other typical bands from the genre. I’m sure many of you out there can agree that this is clearly a talented band that we all need to start paying attention to. Better start now before they hit it big.

New Music from Hollow FortyFives

10854948_481098848714403_3012434106806134452_oThe dudes from Hollow FortyFives have graced our pages before, but now that they’ve got a new track in the mix, we should go ahead and give that a push. This track pushes on the band’s garage rock tendencies, but continues to push melodies into the mix. I really appreciate the fact that there’s such clarity in the vocals, which isn’t always the case. I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with, as a new song generally means there’s a new release right around the corner. Happy Monday folks.

Washer Blasts Out a Hit

washedoutI was immediately hooked on this new Washer single; it’s got discordant guitars ringing in your ear, but the vocal is what really got me into the tune.  There’s a familiarity in it, almost like early Braid, but then it takes on a scratchy yell to add some emphasis towards the end.  In less than two-minutes the band packs a huge punch to your eardrums, but they don’t stick around long enough to wear you out.  This tune’s definitely winning me over, which encourages me to pick up the band’s Split EP with Flagland when it hits on May 5th.

Sick Sad World Garage Rock Supreme

sswI’m sure everyone is waiting for some new genre to break through to the masses, but in the meantime the combination of surf/garage rock is still alive and kicking…and it always deserves mention when it’s done as well as Sick Sad World‘s new single.  There’s a propulsive drum beat, though nothing outlandish; it holds the beat perfectly for the guitar work of Jake Jones to kick in with some solid power riffs.  Say what you want about the genre growing weary, but when it’s execute this well, I can’t help but turn it up and rock on out.  Look for the band’s new album, Fear and Lies, on April 21st via Help Yourself Records.

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