Cavernous Pop from Plainbow

One of the labels I’ve been keeping an eye on over the last few years is French outfit Hidden Bay Records; they’ve just put up a track from the forthcoming Plainbow EP, and it’s pretty special. While I can easily see cascading guitars and atmospherics filling in the space here, I love how they leave this vast expanse of negative space for the tune’s opening moments. In fact, it never fully reaches that sonic climax, almost always toying with the tension for an entire 3 minutes; the song almost just feels empty and hollow, save for the emotional pull of the vocal work. Of course, we get this beautifully noisy outro closing, and we’re grateful, but it only succeeds due to the craft of the song itself. The Super Super Super EP is scheduled for release on Friday!

Tape Deck Mountain Announce Echo Chamber Blues

I’ve been writing about Tape Deck Mountain since I stumbled upon their album, Sway, way back in 2013. I’m really stoked to hear that the group has a brand new album, Echo Chamber Blues, coming our way in February of next year. The tune below definitely rides on the tails of shoegaze, though the guitars aren’t as loud in the front of the mix, creating more of a resonating squall that sits right behind the vocals. This group always manages to craft what I can only describe as a beautiful darkness, with careful melodies taking on heavy tones and a noisy sterility that lurks throughout. If you’re into the gaze, then gaze here.