Generifus Returns with New EP

Generifus just dropped Free Ways back in March, and Spencer Sult is ready to return with a new EP under his belt. He returns with this slinky ballad, strolling through your speakers without a care in the world. There’s a strong backbone of keys and electronics, which allows Sult the room to let his voice do the work to draw in the listener; he’s accompanied just beneath the mix by Anna Jeter of Ancient Pools. The middling track solo is a nice little touch to add some flesh to the tune…not that that’s needed. Suit reminds me of a slightly happier Greg Ashley, which is a high compliment on my end. Look for And of an Era to drop this Friday.

Premiere: Generifus Ready Free Ways

Generifus is primarily the work of Spencer Sult, though he’s able to get by with a little help from his friends. At the moment, he’s ramping up the machine, anxiously to release his latest album Free Ways into the world. Today we bring you one of the album’s highlights; it wears a touch of similarity to Morby or Vile. Something in Spencer’s voice just sounds so friendly and personable, as if he’s been in your life for quite some time; perhaps you can also find that same quality in the lyrical content. Musically, there’s this remarkable underbelly to the guitar; it has this darkened tone that seems to work in contrast to promise in Sult’s voice…but I love it. The LP will be available on March 9th via Sultan Serves Records.

PreOrder the LP HERE.