New Jams from the Austin Scene

Feel like I neglected Austin last week, so wanted to make up for it by sharing a couple of the tunes that’ve been chilling for the last two weeks; we’ve got new tunes from Queen Serene and Gentleman Rogues.

Queen Serene began as Sarah Ronan’s new bedroom project, but as you can tell by the darkened post-punk sounds here, things have been fleshed out into a full on rock n’ roll hotbed. Love the way this tune goes back and forth between sort of slinky early 80s sounds and a driving guitar exploration that recalls acts like Television.

Gentleman Rogues have just teamed up with Snappy Little Numbers, and dammit if they didn’t go and try to one-up their label by creating the snappiest little pop rock tune. The track hits with a heavy mix that puts the guitars right up front. Perfect for all you pop rock fans, the new 7″ drops on April 1st.

Show Preview: Mind Spiders @ Red 7 (11/15)


Date 11/15/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $7 @ Door

Incredible show going down tomorrow night at Red 7 with what might be the best bill in town for the evening.  Sure Of Montreal is playing across the street, but when you can rock out with Mind Spiders, Gentleman Rogues, and Broken Gold all in one evening, count me in.  Oh and did I mention it only costs $7?  That’s a bargain basement price for what is sure to be a show you won’t forget.  See you at Red 7.


Download: Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make [MP3]