Show Pics: Geographer @ The Mohawk (5/30)

Jeez. So I was walking the dog, thinking about all the photos left to edit from X Games Austin and I realized that I still owed Geographer a Show Pics post. After a great set at FFF8, I was looking for ward to checking out the band in a smaller venue, my home venue, The Mohawk. Joining them for the show was Idle Hands, ATH faves Empires and a great aftershow lineup of Hovvdy and Woozy.

Click through, peeps.

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FFF8 In Pictures – Saturday Edition

BleachedSaturday featured legends and legendary performances, though usually not at the same time. Johnny Jewel gets best performance of the day with double duty killer jams from Chromatics and a manic dance party with Glass Candy. MIA eludes me. I just don’t get it, but okay, the kids like to here abbreviated beats up and down. Ice-T let Bushwick Bill freestyle. Deerhunter had the most epic sound check ever, reconstructing “Marquee Moon” to test the levels.

This giant photo post features Frank Smith (kinda), Ola Podrida, Bleached, The Impossibles, White Lung, Chromatics, Geographer, Glass Candy, Television, Tycho, Deerhunter, MIA, Ice-T and The Descendants. Click through…

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