Friday Top 5: Indie Songs That Make Girls Swoon

I take advantage of the fact that I’m the only female Top 5 contributor, and I like to add my lady perspective to the male dominated ATH crew. What better way to lend my girly advice to you boys out there looking to win over the ladies with a musical selection. Ladies, you will probably just agree and be awaiting a mixtape with the following tracks on your playlist. So here are a handful of love songs for all you indie-romantics.

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Show Photos: Get Up Kids @ Emo’s (1/22)

The ATH crew stopped by Emo’s on Saturday night for a show by one of our favorite old school bands The Get Up Kids.  Of course the guys incorporated several of their new tunes while still incorporating a lot of our old favorites from back in the day.  When the encore goes a little something like “Holiday”, “Don’t Hate Me”, “I’ll Catch You”, and “10 Minutes”, you gotta know we enjoyed our time at the show.  After the jump you can check out some photos of GUK and opener River City Extension by Brian Gray.

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Show Preview: Get Up Kids @ Emo’s (1/22)

Date 1/22/11
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $18 @ Ticketweb

It seems like only yesterday that everyone’s favorite post-emo band Get Up Kids were in Austin and now they are back again for another show at Emo’s on Saturday night.  This time around, the guys will be joined on the stage by Steel Train and River city ExtensionThe Kids are of course touring behind their first new album in around 7 years which can previewed with some new songs on our site here and over here.  Be there.


Download: The Get Up Kids – Pararelevant [MP3]

More New Music From Get Up Kids

Everyone knows that we here at ATH are incredibly excited about this upcoming Get Up Kids album.  We’ve already posted about the new LP more than once so we saw it fitting to share another new single from the band.  This new one “Pararelevant” will also be appearing on The Get up Kid’s new LP There Are Rules due out January 11th.  Is it just me or can the rest of you keep hearing the heavy influence of bass player Rob Pope’s time in Spoon?


Download: The Get Up Kids – Pararelevant [MP3]

New Music From The Get Up Kids

Welp, the wait is almost over, you crazy Get Up Kids fans will finally be getting a new album from the band in early 2011.  New Joint, There Are Rules, will hit the streets on January 25th and is of course the first new album from the group in 7 years.  A new MP3 of song “Regent’s Court” from the LP can be found below for streaming or downloading.  Judging from their new song and the recent EP, this should be a return to old form for The Kids, or at least better than Guilt Show


Download: The Get Up Kids – Regents Court [MP3]

Get Up Kids Anounce New EP

guk15After six long years of a drought in new Get Up Kids material, the Lawrence, KA band is finally releasing a new EP entitled Simple Sciene come April.  The only information right now is that 4 songs will be included, CDs and vinyl will be self-released in limited quantities, and a download will be set up on itunes.  All this information comes by way of a new blog post on the GUK myspace page.  Here again is that new song the guys played on Daytrotter awhile back which may or may not be on this new EP.


Download: The Get Up Kids – Your Petty Pretty Things [MP3]

Get Up Kids @ Emos (11/18)


Date 11/18/09
Location Emos
Doors 8pm
Tickets $18 from Ticketweb

The time for us to re-live the days of high school and college with a show by The Get Up Kids has finally come at Emo’s on Wednesday.  Openers are also pretty solid and provided by Mansions and Kevin Devine.  If you can somehow sneak between indoor and outdoor stages, Champaign, IL band Headlights are playing on the indoor stage.  We’ve always been fans of those guys so try your best to go ninja style and head inside after GUK finish their set.  Tickets for the indoor show are $10.  Also, here’s that new song GUK played on Daytrotter a while back.


Download: The Get Up Kids – Your Petty Pretty Things [MP3]

Matt Pryor On Daytrotter

mattSorry for the double up on Daytrotter posts this week, but damnit we can’t not post when Matt Pryor records a session.  We talk about Matt and his work in and outside of GUK and New Amsterdams on our site constantly, so you all know we love the guy.  Hell we even interviewed him a while back!  Enough rambling, check out the awesome session with songs from Matt’s debut solo record Confidence Man plus this unreleased track “Your Look Gave You Away”.


Download: Matt Pryor – Your Look Gave You Away [MP3]

FT5: Songs with the Word Valentine

0213top5coverSeeing as the Hallmark Holiday is hours away, I thought I would browse through my collection and throw out my Top 5 Favorite Songs with the word “valentine” in the title. Sure, one would think that songwriters have better things to do than sing about a nonsensical holiday with little or no meaning, but then again, they are just love songs in the end, aren’t they? Some of these bands have made appearances on our lists before, and some you might not be aware of, until now that is. So here is to you and yours on this most sacred of holidays. I hope your Valentine’s Day is as good as these songs.

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08/23 Matt Pryor Show @ Stubb’s

Matt Pryor has evolved quite a bit to get to where he is now. Would you have believed me 10 years ago if I told you he’d be playing shows armed only with an acoustic guitar? Most of the vagrant punk followers would accuse you of mistaken identity and slap you around a bit. Believe it or not you old Get Up Kids die hards, that’s what Matt Pryor is all about nowadays. He went to being a pioneer in the pop-punk world to now being an extremely solid singer song writer who still inspires the young and old.

Show review and pictures after the jump

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