Entranced by Harlan T Bobo

I’ve been listening to this Harlan T. Bobo track on repeat for the last several days; it’s not of the usual indie rock ilk that usually graces these pages. The opening moments come off as a hardened croon, as if you’re in some downtrodden pub while a lounge act performs before you. But, while I’m definitely attracted to that, I wasn’t sold entirely until the sweeping arrangements of the chorus; Bobo’s voice moves from deep tones to polished pop balladeer. If you dare to step outside the norm and fall in love with a song, then perhaps spend a few listens below. This song features on A History of Violence, which will drop on June 22nd via Goner Records.

Electro Bliss from Cairboi

cairobiI needed something this morning to erase the memories of this past weekend, something light and airy…and then there was this Cairobi tune. There’s this beautiful twinkling pop that glistens with an inherent beauty, working atop some great drum work that really keeps the energy uplifting. I’m sure there are like minded acts out there, blending electronic bits with hard working percussion, but at this point today, this band is making the day better the more I press play, and I’m hoping it’ll do the same for you. They’ll be releasing their self-titled album in January of next year via Week of Wonders, so enjoy ’til then.

Kicking New Jam from Birdskulls

Seems like its been awhile since we checked in on Art Is Hard‘s Biweekly Pizza Club, but I’m glad I stopped by today to see what they’ve been up to.  While there’s only a few more releases coming from their Pizza Club, the latest from Birdskulls is quite a gem.  It’s got an angst-y guitar sound a la Dinosaur Jr, but I think the vocal delivery has a softer edge to it, reminding me of The Wedding Present.  I’m not going to lie to you; I could listen to tracks like this all day long.  High energy, good lyrics, strong vibes. Love it.


Download:Birdskulls – Ghost World [MP3]

New Music from Yellow Ostrich

It’s been a busy year for Yellow Ostrich, having released Strange Land earlier via Barsuk, but the band is already back at it again with a set of six brand new songs for your ears.  The EP is titled Ghost, and the first single is currently available for you to download.  It’s interesting, as the group’s clearly playing with utilizing empty space in order to bring to life some of the inner harmonies they produce with just the vocals.  There’s some handclaps being looped, and backing vocals for accompaniment, but overall it’s a fairly open tune.  Dare I say it’s almost as if you’re being haunted by a ghost?


Download:Yellow Ostrich – Ghost [MP3]

Folk Jam from Book Club

In case you hadn’t completely take notice, it seems that Atlanta is the new Brooklyn, or since it’s smaller, it’s probably the new Austin, sadly.  But, good for the ATL, especially considering they have this great little group, Book Club.  The song below comes from the group’s record, Ghost, which will be released next week, August 2nd.  For me, it sounded like a sad-bastard version of a serious Moldy Peaches tune.  But, hold on for lush arrangements, folk texturizing, and you’ll be pleased with what you hear.  This is definitely a good way to begin a Thursday in my opinion.


Download: Book Club – Meal of Dreams [MP3]