ACL Spotlight: !!!


We continue our ACL coverage this week with the Brooklyn via Sacramento band !!! (properly pronounced as Chk Chk Chk or Pow Pow Pow). 

Let’s start off this business with a memory of a little-known Ghostland Observatory making their mark on the dusty fields by encouraging thousands of people to dance off the previous night’s hangover.  Well, this year, I predict that it will be !!! doing the moving and shaking this year with all the fans, as they’ve been doing it on a small scale for quite awhile.

Imagine their combination of horns, guitar, percussion and electronics blasting out of those mammoth festival speakers, as you casually sip on your beer.  Then Nic Offer shakes and jives all across the stage, further encouraging you to feel the rhythm; you’ll be shaking it in no time at all.

The band have several CDs to their name, and personally I’d go with the funky grooves off of their self-titled debut, but other really dig the work of Louden Up Now, which came out shortly after the Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard single.  It gave a new twist on the band’s grooves by adding a little more electronic push to the music.

Hopefully we’ll all get a chance to preview some of the new tracks the band has been working on as of late, but if not, we’re at least guaranteed a good long set of sweat-dripping, hip-shaking funk-rock to get our hearts racing and our feet moving in the early afternoon.

!!! take to the AMD Stage at 2:00 PM.


Download: !!!- Intensify [MP3]

King Khan @ Mohawk (11/15)

So you’re depressed that the Ghostland show is sold out this weekend and are looking for a way to drown your sorrows for not buying tickets earlier?  You should make your way over to Mohawk Saturday evening and enjoy a sure to be intense set by King Khan & The BBQ Show.  You’ll also save about $20 and will probably enjoy a better set than the one going on at Stubbs.  Buy tickets now!  Check out some King Khan tuneage elswhere on our site here & here.

ACL Preview: Hot Chip

By this point in time, we’ve all heard about Hot Chip many times before, or at least I hope they have done a fly-by on your radar. Well, this bunch of Brits are here to brighten up your ACL experience on Friday afternoon. Expect this to be a hot-spot for those in the know, and since I’ve alerted you, you are now one of those privileged people! Grab more info after the jump.

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