Zone Out With Steve Hauschildt

How’s that World Cup going? My beloved Spurs are all having good showings for their respective countries, so far. Kane has two goals, Eriksen another and Trippier was wrecking defensive tactics with quality service from the wing. I digress.

There is no mystery that Ghostly International is one of my favorite labels, from Tycho to Beacon to Matthew Dear. They have another gem of a release pending with Steve Hauschildt‘s full-length album Dissolvi, due early August. Currently working out of Chicago, the Cleveland born producer employs texture and an ethereal vocal from Julianna Barwick to create a haze inducing atmosphere with progressive weight while percussion echoes with subtlety. This record is gonna be good.

Black Marble Is Back!

blackmarbleI think I can attribute my re-introduction to electronic music to Black Marble and the album A Different Arrangement. But, the project has been mostly quiet since that release…until now. Yesterday, this track blew up with the announcement that there’s a new home for them, Ghostly International. I think that heavy resonating drum sample is really one of my favorite pieces here, but I’m also enjoying the contrast between the song’s soft emotional pull and the deep tonal quality of the vocals. It’s Immaterial, the new album, will be out on September 30th.

And Now For Something Different: Kllo

unnamed-45We here at ATH have a type, and we typically post music that follows along those lines. So when I heard this new track from Kllo, I was taken aback at how much it roped me in. “Walls to Build,” the single below, is a electronic jam with heavy R&B influences that will bust its way into your cold dead indie rock heart with its cool, simmering vibes. Kllo are a two piece out of Melbourne, and they’re on the cusp of releasing a new EP calledWell Worn, and it’ll be out August 5th via Ghostly International. Take a listen and if you’re digging up the simplistic, yet elegant jam, preorder that EP here.


Show Pics: Beacon @ The Parish (2/18)


Timing. Getting things uploaded, working things between these really awesome announcements. I am sharing pics from a show I was looking forward to since it was announced. Beacon played The Parish. Last SxSW, I was very impressed by their set at the Ghostly International showcase. As always, the translation from showcase mini-set to full on show is anticipated and welcomed. MOAR.

Along for the tour was Natasha Kmeto with local Soundfounder starting things off. Lovely night for the ATH IT Department.

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Enjoying Choir of Young Believers

Upload_SxSW2ndSt_2012_03_16-18_58_01Copenhagen based Choir of Young Believers is a band we consider dear to us as old friends and former SXSW showcase alums. That said, we’ve always followed the band closely since then and today I’m excited to share their new single “Perfect Estocada”. Older fans of the band will recognize the almost dreamy like pop created here with some new and creative electronic/R&B elements added to create a memorable song.

You can pick up new albumGrasque on February 19th via Ghostly International.

Downtempo Perfection By Heathered Pearls

Heathered PearlsHeathered Pearls put down an amazing DJ set during the Ghostly International showcase during SxSW mixing originals and label-mates to great effect. You can now stream the new LP from Jakub Alexander, Body Complex, over at Hype Machine. It may just help you survive the day.

If you are feeling uninitiated, you can click play just below to check our a recently released track in the that embedded thing. Decompress, relax, open your mind, take a nap in your cube, whatever…

Have A Nice Weekend

l1krxxmwzbja8ea3tpliLove me some Ghostly International. We’ve stepped up hip hop coverage with Tactic joining the team. I traditionally find the zeros and ones when Nate doesn’t beat me to it (or I hate looking at music related stuff after SxSW photo processing benders). This track will be the closer to Ghostly Swim 2, available to sample and pre-order now; it is a fourteen track compilation featuring the likes of Shigeto, Heathered Pearls and CFCF. Galcher Lustwerk’s “In The Place” takes a beautiful sonic landscape and layers party rhymes delivered in a monotone smoothness that lets you just focus on the cadence with words disappearing or smile as the juxtapostion of being about it is delivered over the sonic landscape.

In it to win it. Check out a few other tracks on Ghostly Swim 2 here.

Have A Nice Weekend

10712570_10152332665407611_4852166616909513652_oHope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. We trust you told them all about our super cool website, right?

For your weekend of Black Friday injury recovery, family oddities, college football gambling stress and Premier League drama, take a listen to this fantastic EP from Beacon. Ghostly posted L1 over on their Soundcloud a few days ago and it is a gem. Due 12/2, Preorder the plastic with download over at the Ghostly store.

Beacon – The Ways We Separate


Rating: ★★½ · ·

There’s been a big push recently in the indie music scene for minimalist, vaguely R&B inspired, experimental electronic music. We’ve seen it from big names like Purity Ring and The XX, and now in lesser known, but by no means less worth listening to, bands such as Beacon. Composed of Brooklyn’s Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, Beacon released their first musical material last year in the form of two EP’s, both equally simple and stripped down thematic efforts. The Ways We Separate follows in their footsteps as an amplification of these traits, with interesting yet subtle music to fill your speakers.

Opening the album is “Bring You Back,” a single-esque track that introduces the band’s sound quite effortlessly. What begins as a simple electronic soundscape develops into a four minute, eighteen second track with a hooking chorus line for you to sing along to while you groove to the backing electronics. The high-pitched vocals juxtapose nicely with the deeper tones of the beat, to create a swirling combination that evens itself out. The track may seem mild, but it gives you a solid idea of what you are embarking upon in The Ways We Separate: an exploration of minimalism to describe and encapsulate some of the deepest emotions that are felt in love and loss. Such is felt through the deep lyrics that persistently attempt to iterate all the ‘ways’ as mentioned in the album title. Song after song is filled with little gems of lines that all abide by the same theme, collectively adding up to an album that meanders through the dark electronic

Though it tends to be on the meeker spectrum of music, there are some songs on here that make for solid dance numbers. Take the second track “Feeling’s Gone,” which starts on the same simple note as the song prior to it, but doesn’t stay as still as “Bring You Back” does. Towards the end of the track, you get this great little instrumental dance interlude that could easily be utilized on a dance floor to get your body moving.

However, instances such as this are not abundant on The Ways We Separate, leaving for a pretty one-note album, though a good one note. Some nuances can be appreciated and observed, while others seem to blur together in the overall scope of its length, which could potentially turn some listeners away from repeated listens.

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