Hear Another Track from Y33BA

glamAbout a month ago I brought you a new track from Y33BA, the secretive New York outfit also known as Your 33 Black Angels.  Today, I’ve got a new song from the group, and this one seems a lot more straightforward in its presentation. The song is just as propulsive as the early single, though there definitely sounds like there’s a Nada Surf presence on this tune, which would make sense seeing as both bands call NYC home.  On May 12th, you’ll finally get a chance to hear the band’s newest record, Glamour, which will probably sneak into a lot of your friend’s record collections. Hear why below!


Download: Y33BA – Cruise Fun [MP3]

Interested to Hear this Y33BA

y3Your 33 Black Angels is a collective group of musicians rocking it in Brooklyn.  But, while a lot of the collectives generally have a post-rock feel, there seems to be a more pop-centric focus of this outfit, akin to Violens.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they totally flipped it on me though, and brought out something incredibly rad and different; I mean, isn’t that what collectives are for…to push the envelope? We’ll all get to hear exactly what the work of mixed minds have concocted when they release GLAMOUR on May 12th…for now we have this little taste.