New UV-TV Rocker

I picked up on the edgy rock from UV-TV when they did a split 7″ on Emotional Response, and the band build on my early impression with the brand new track. It kind of reminds me of the recent work from Wax Idols, using those knifing guitar chords that walk the fine line of jangle. There’s an emphatic vocal performance, reminiscent of great 90s alternative rock tunes. Still, the best thing, in my opinion, is that the song’s not quite polished, making it a lot closer to my ears, in the personable sense. Look for the group’s Glass on March 10 via Deranged Records.

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Howard Shares New Folktronica Tune/Announce EP

unnamed-19It’s nice to mix things up sometimes, and so when I got this tune from Brooklyn quartet, Howard, I was pleasantly surprised by the dreamy folktronica that the band is crafting. “Glass,” the single from their upcoming EP,Please Recycle,is one of those tunes that you turn on and forget your brain for a few minutes. You can lose yourself to the blend of choppy and smooth sounds here withoutforgetting their careful precision and individual graces within the track. Hear what I’m talking about below.


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Total Control Release Another Track

tcThe latest wave of music from Total Control provides another glimpse into their new album, Typical System.  It’s a six minute long glittering electronic affair, displaying the poppier side of the band.  There’s two sides to the record, and the beat-laden pieces are just as entertaining as the punkier sides.  Personally, I like the fact that the band draws this tune out for such a long duration, as it begs you to take notice of the band’s focus on crafting two distinctly differing styles within the confines of the whole LP.  Those looking for the heavier side of things need not fret, as every other song offers what you need.  You’ll be able to listen to it all on June 24th via Iron Lung Records.

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