Premiere: Sour Notes Cover Patti Smith

The Sour Notes just recently released their latest album, Darkest Sour, but they’re not stopping there. Encouraged by participation in various “hoot nites” in Austin, the band have recorded a full album worth of covers titled This Is Not Our Music. Today, we happy bring you their cover of “Gloria” by Patti Smith (well, it was by THEM, but they’re doing the Patti Smith rendition). Jared does a great job with his performance, pulling off the natural bravado of Smith in every delivered note. For me, the best thing is that it gives us a glimpse into the minds of the band. We all love to pigeonhole bands, tell them who their influences are, but here we have a band stepping out and saying, here’s what we love! I’m excited to hear some versions of Jawbreaker and Wire that they’ll have out soon enough!


New Music From Celestial Shore

174It’s been just about a year since I first discovered Brooklyn based act Celestial Shore and immediately fell in love with the sound they create.  I originally found the band to be this sort of quirky indie pop fairly similar to Dirty Projectors, but now it seems the band have grown up a bit and found some focus and maturity for their new material.  See what I’m talking about with this new track called “Gloria” that definitely shows a band capable of writing some great, more traditional pop numbers.  You’ll still find a bit of quirkiness here, though not quite as “out there” when compared to their previous work, this is a strong single to preview the new material.

New album, Enter Ghost, will be available on October 14th via Home Tapes.