Bedroom Suck Records to Reissue Good Morning

I’m not typically one to get into the reissue game, as far as posting goes, but I feel like Australia’s Good Morning has been vastly overlooked…though I pointed them out here long ago. Luckily, the good folks over at Bedroom Suck Records will be re-releasing the band’s Shawcross and Glory EPs on one 12″, with additional singles like the delightful pop tune lurking on the pages below. To me, this feels like what’s really going on down in Australia, offering sublime pop sensibility in a casual manner that begs for listen after listen. Look to get your hands on a copy come July 7th.

More from Good Morning

12622106_1636567596608368_9213207835973974193_oAs last year came to a close, we brought you a tune from the latest Good Morning release, “Cab Deg,” which we were really excited about. On their newest single, things have been stripped down, releasing a solemnity that’s both soothing and intriguing. I love the feeling of a good home recording, there’s something comforting in that…and while this may be a studio track, it has the personal feel of that bedroom soliloquy. The group’s second EP, Glory, is set to be released early next week via the folks over at Solitaire Recordings.

New Alternative Jam from Corporal

When you get an email referencing music by an actor, I admit I get a little bit skeptical. But, for some reason, I just want to hear more of this band Corporal, featuring actor Michael Shannon.  They’ve just released their record, Glory, and have plans for a new 7″ coming your way this summer.  There’s an off-kilter alternative feel to these dudes, and it’s got this familiar feeling that’s both nostalgic and refreshing.  But, don’t think of it as run-of-the-mill jams, they’ve got a touch all their own…for evidence just check out the rushed chorus on the track below.  It’s nice to know at least some actors have other skills besides the big screen.


Download:Corporal – Glory [MP3]