New Tunes from Lower Dens

Jana Hunter‘s been around for a bit, usually making quiet low-fi tracks.  But, her new group Lower Dens take a bit of a different approach.  They combine her vocals with a bit of bedroom melody and somber pacing, giving Hunter and the band a completed sound that’s sure to accompany your rainy moods.  The group’s new album Twin-Hand Movement comes out July 20th on Gnomonsong, and it’s something you’ll surely need in your collection. Also, the band will make their way to Austin in September, so that gives you time to plan.


Download: Lower Dens – Tea Lights [MP3]

New Tunes from Papercuts

papercuts1It’s probably not enough that I put Jason Quever’s Papercuts in my top 50 of 2009. I’ve been all over this group, or is group really, since their second release.  Just as I thought I couldn’t get enough of the guy, he puts out a great 7″ with a new single.  There’s a lot more string arrangement on this song, at least in the forefront, and if this is the direction he’s going with the next album, I can already see it in my top 10.  I grabbed White Are the Waves at Waterloo, but you can also get it Gnomonsong.


Download: Papercuts – White are the Waves [MP3]