Fuzzy Dream Pop from Shadowgraphs

While I’ve spent a lot of time jamming the latest Papercuts records, this new tune from Shadowgraphs is trying to align itself with a similar vibe. There are definitely still some light psychedelic references, particularly in some of the layered guitar parts. But, scrub that a little bit, and beneath the surface is this huge pop sensibility, bursting dreamily through your speakers. A slight bit of fuzz gives the sound this heaviness, which really allows for the vocals to sort of float off into the ether. The band are releasing Another Time on November 30th via Golden Brown.

Beautiful Bobey Tune Coming Your Way

Honestly, I didn’t expect to love this song so much, but it continues to seep into my skin, playing over and over again. Bobey spends the first 45 seconds offering you up these carefully orchestrated guitar lines, looping through your speakers; there’s a wispy quality to the softened twang of the strings. That perfectly sets up the entrance of the feathery vocals, rising and falling in pitch with the tone of the guitar work. And, as if to channel Grizzly Bear, Emily Ritz joins in the fray on vocals to add this sweeping textural pop feeling that soothes. Bobey releases Siblings on August 24th via Golden Brown, featuring the gem below.

Rhythmic Electropop from Berdmajik

There’s a lot of blending and blurring of lines between genres nowadays, which has left us with some pretty refreshing tidbits of tunes. But, today I’m gravitating towards the playful wobble of Berdmajik, twisting bits of break-beats and sunny electropop, all backed by a disorienting vibe that pulses in the distance. There’s still a really polished dose of warm vocals drifting throughout, leaving listeners with a relaxed vibe that endures. Look for the project to drop the debut album, SPELLS, via Golden Brown on May 19th.

More New Music from Future States

futurestatesNow, this is going to come out of left-field, probably even more so for Future States, but this song, to me, picks up where Grizzly Bear left us all. First, the vocal display shows the group harmonizing together, almost using that as the sole instrument through the song. But, where they make it different is they take the textured indie rock formula and turn into a pop adventure during the middle of the tune. I guess in the end it sounds like an early Wes Anderson tune gave birth to Ed Droste and gang…and I love that about it. Look for the band’s Casual Listener via Golden Brown in a store near you.

New Track from Ari Roar

ariroarThis is probably not the way that Ari Roar wants his music described, but as I play his latest track, I can’t help but to imagine myself inserting it into the background of some glorious new Wes Anderson film. It’s not quite folk music, it’s not quite classic rock or even pop, yet all those places are touched carefully as this song progresses playfully. If there’s such a thing as a perfect bit of pop music, I’d reckon this tune is pretty damn well near that. It’ll appear on the new Patch Me Up EP being released via Golden Brown today!

Please Watch this Ari Roar Video

It’s rare that in less than two minutes a song can completely win me over, but that’s precisely what happened when I watched this Ari Roar video the first time; honestly, I was hooked in just under a minute. There’s such an innocence to the tune, which is further encouraged by the accompanying video. Sure, I’d love some longer tracks, but we’ll all have to wait until he releases his Patch Me Up EP via Golden Brown on September 23rd. Until then, just enjoy yourself this little video and song.

Hazy Psychedelia from Golden Gate

gardengateLooks like the folks operatingthe new label Golden Brown are hitting the ground running. They’ve been tossing out singles left and right, with this new one from Golden Gate the latest in hits they’ve tossed our way. While there are elements of psychedelia lurking throughout the track (you won’t miss em’), there seems to be an underlying playfulness that elevates the track. Mix it in with the atmospheric wash that’s present, and you’ve got a track that begs listeners to focus on the song’s core pop sensibilities. Look for Dark Harvest on August 5th.

Pleased to Meet You: Garden Gate

gardengateJust a little bit ago, we introduced you to Golden Brown, one of the newer labels out in the world, and today, they return the favor by introducing my to Garden Gate. In listening to this first single from the band’s upcoming record, Dark Harvest, you can immediately feel the psychedelic influences…frankly it’s on the cover art as well. But, upon repeated listens, the interesting thing I found is how similar the group might be to fans of Air…synth work and pop sensation galore. It’s definitely a newer twist on the genre, and a sweet find for me. Look for the album on August 5th.

Dreamy R&B from Sunbathe

sunbatheLooks like Lefse Records is getting into the tape business, and to introduce Golden Brown to the world, they’re releasing a compilation titled Perfectly Toasted Vol. 1. One of the track’s that stood out to me immediately was this new one from Sunbathe. It’s this dream-pop piece nodding to classic R&B sounds, sort of like a hazier bit of Camera Obscura, and I can’t stop spinning this song, even though I’m staring at a delugefrom the heavens outside my window. The compilation sees a release on June 17th…and this is a definite reason to check it out.

Pop Oddity from Jo Passed

jopaMy first run through this new track from Jo Passed, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. At times, the tune seems like it’s out of whack, like some parts aren’t quite working together, yet that seems to be the magic of the work being constructed by Joseph Hirabayashi, the man behind the project. On this new single, he seemingly finds his own patterns within his songs, changes directions and throws down layers upon layers. It might not seem like your normal fare, and that’s the brilliance of the song. He’ll be releasing the UP EP via Golden Brown come this July.

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