New Tune from Bill Baird

Nothing makes me happier than the fact that Bill Baird consistently writes beautiful songs, and his latest single is just another in a long line of wondrous tunes. This time, Bill his joined by his friend (and ours) Jana Horn for a duet performance. It’s an airy affair, with the guitar notes almost coming across understated, sliding subconsciously into your mind. Jana’s voice comes in first, and it fits in perfectly with they hazy imagery of the video; she has this way of singing just above a whisper that’s absolutely intoxicating. Bill joins her for the chorus before taking on a short verse of his own…then they return together as the sun finally rises. This song will appear on Bill’s new LP, Gone, which is slated for release Friday, March 2nd.

ICYMI: Crisp Pop From Day Wave

12593504_468969969953751_163989100646231908_oDay Wave, or the project of Oakland’s Jackson Phillips, has become one of those bands that we can count on to deliver spot on lo-fi/synth pop tunes and so it’s not a surprise that we’re posting about him again. The latest news from Day Wave is that he’s got a doubleEP coming out pretty soon, which is called Headcase/Hard to Read.From that upcoming release, Phillips has shared “Gone,” which is a stunning example of the infectious pop tunes that Day Wave really excels at. The guitars cut cleanly through the mix, while the vocals are hazy and far away. Take a listen and preorder the double EP here.

Fresh Power Pop from Coastal Town

10838227_866582683381693_1382080938002639839_oI’m going to be honest with you; I know very little about Coastal Town. But, I will fill you in on what information I do have…it’s just not much. The voice should be familiar to ATH followers, as it sounds like it’s Frode from I Was a King at the helm. This leads down a crazy path of tales and such…is I Was a King over or is Coastal Town just a new project? I do know from the IWaK blog that they have spent recent time in studio with Joe Pernice and Robyn Hitchcock…could this be part of it? I don’t really know any of it for sure, but I know the songs are incredible…so as I know more, I’ll keep you posted.