Entranced by Harlan T Bobo

I’ve been listening to this Harlan T. Bobo track on repeat for the last several days; it’s not of the usual indie rock ilk that usually graces these pages. The opening moments come off as a hardened croon, as if you’re in some downtrodden pub while a lounge act performs before you. But, while I’m definitely attracted to that, I wasn’t sold entirely until the sweeping arrangements of the chorus; Bobo’s voice moves from deep tones to polished pop balladeer. If you dare to step outside the norm and fall in love with a song, then perhaps spend a few listens below. This song features on A History of Violence, which will drop on June 22nd via Goner Records.

Cobra Man Want You to Enjoy Yourself

Seems like synthpop acts are a dime a dozen these days, and that’s all well-and-good, but you’ve got to do something to craft substance in the genre, such as Cobra Man. The duo have created a soundtrack for The Worble Collective (and skate videos), and I beg you to just let yourself go. Pulsing grooves and a Devo-esque vocal delivery are sure to have you tapping your toes as we speak, and it only gets better when Sarah Rayne’s voice joins in to pack an extra punch during the chorus. Goner Records will release the New Driveway Soundtrack on September 8th.

New Jam from Nots

If you think you’re used to the sound of Nots, then perhaps you should check again. These rad ladies are upping the pulsating synths this go round, rather than jump straight at you with their barrage of guitars. Vocals have this hollow echo and brash tone, while the rest of the band builds a brooding soundscape of apocalyptic proportions. If the end of the world is indeed just around the corner, I’m hoping that it sounds a whole lot like this. Look for the Cruel Friend/Violence 7″ via Goner Records on June 30th.

Rocker from Aquarian Blood

All pop and no rock makes me a dull boy, so this Aquarian Blood tune is the best way to wake us all up today. The band is comprised of JB and Laurel Horrell (he of ExCult, she formerly of Nots), and they brandished a pounding bit of discordant punk that you’d expect from the two…fleshed out with some help from their friends. It’s a frenetic pace from the get-go, and only settles down in the final thirty seconds of the tune. You want energy, you want rock? Then check out their Last Nite in Paradise LP on Goner Records on February 10th.

Kicking New Tune from NOTS

notsJust a few more weeks until the new NOTS record officially comes out, so seems only right the band would kick out another blasting bit of rock n’ roll. The ferocious feeling of the vocal delivery definitely brings in the punk attitude, with the rest of the band pushing things quickly through the speakers. In my listens through Cosmetic, it’s clear that this isn’t a record where you’ll hear the band fucking around; they take aim at rock n’ roll and blast on through. Look for the release on September 9th via Goner Records.

Pummeling Punker from NOTS

notsIt only takes a second for the pounding rhythm section to push this track right into your face. Natalie Hoffman tosses off her punk scowl in the best manner possible, biting and indifferent, aiming straight for the song’s message of ‘depression and loss.’ NOTS made waves with their first release, but they seem more confident and headstrong, aiming to take the rest of the world head on. I fully expect their new effort, Cosmetic, to be full of like-minded songs, with no bullshit rock n’ roll begging to be played over and over. Look for it on September 9th via Goner Records.

Epic Rocker From NOTS

unnamed (4)We’ve talked about Memphis based NOTS on this here website in the past and they are one of those bands we eagerly wait to hear more from. Today our thirst for new music is quenched with this epic new single entitled “Entertain Me”. Prepare yourself before hitting play because this thing is an epic, 7 minute long, punk rock jam session. It’s full of grit, wailing guitars and vocals, and all things badass.

NOTS will release new album Cosmetic on September 9th via Goner Records.

Old Track from Angry Angles (ft. Jay Reatard)

angry-angles-cover-5x5I miss Jay Reatard. There was something pure and powerful in everything he wrote, and while it’s unfortunate that one has to go back and revisit his old projects before his fame broke, at least we can be grateful that they get to see the light of day. Angry Angles was his final project before going out wholly on his own, featuring Alix Brown of the Lids, and it definitely serves as the final notice to what was coming. There’s that distinctive guitar tone; there’s also a quality of evil and anxiety that fits in his lyrical work at this time (and in future works). I love the fact that this also displays his ability to go completely off the rails, yet have control of everything around him at the same time. Goner Records will be releasing a compilation of every piece of recorded material Angry Angles was able to put together in its short span; it comes out on May 20th.

New Old Tunes from Angry Angles

angryAngry Angles was one of the many projects touched by the late Jay Reatard, and while many of the songs have been heard, they’re getting a good compilation effort from the folks at Goner Records. It’s just another thing to cherish in my JR collection, and remind me of the great songwriter we lost. I’ll probably go back and listen to some of his hits today, probably starting with that Matador Singles Comp; I loved that work. The compilation will be out on Goner on May 20th.

Powerful Punk from Nots

notsThe ladies in Nots have been fleshing out their sound as of late, moving from a two-piece act to a four piece.  With that move, the group completes their sound, filling in the furious pounding rhythm section with a bit of synthesized noise.  In the end, the group is left with this rash rocker that’s as infectious as it is forceful.  But, like all great punk shorts, the song comes in under 1.45 minutes, giving you a glimpse of the work, but not overstaying its welcome.  Look for the debut from the band, We Are Nots, coming your way on November 11th via Goner Records.

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