New Pop From Steady Sun

734785838-1Brooklyn is a city that tends to throw all kinds of awesome pop music our way on a daily basis. This new song “Eyes Wide” from the biggest indie pop city in the world band Steady Sun is no different. It’s simple, airy, and a fun jerky sort of pop song that can’t be resisted by even the most unmovable music critic. Well, I like it anyway.

A full album entitled Good Evening is available for stream on bandcamp.


Download: Steady Sun – Eyes Wide [MP3]

New Tunes from Nite Jewel

niteHere’s a new track from Nite Jewel and her album Good Evening. It’s got a dark 80s wash all over it, as if it was produced strictly for one of those secret clubs you can only enter by the back door. If you like what you hear, keep your eyes and ears posted, as she’ll be all over town singing her heart out at SXSW. 


Download: Nite Jewel – Weak for Me [MP3]