Gives Us Another Tune

I’ve been pretty anxiously awaiting’s new LP, which is still a few weeks away from showing up in shops. Today the band shares another driving number, rushing through your speakers from the minute you press play. The vocal delivery has this sort of post-punk indifference to it; its as if Jeff is forced into antagonizing an invisible audience. Maybe it’s like IceAge a little bit, but spun through some industrial noise manufacturer. Goodbye is the title of their new LP, and its hitting stores on May 25th via Felte.

Nu.mber Back On My Radar

Nu.mberwere one of the group’s high on my list of anticipated acts this past SXSW, and I was able to catch them on several occasions. Those performances were solid, albeit a bit noisy, and in that, we turn to the recorded material where you can hear just a slight bit more of the band’s nuance. For instance, on this new single, you can hear little textured layering of keyboards working behind the drum, almost crafting an atmospheric wash while the song pushes forward. It’s a brooding bit, definitely giving care to the melodic structure, and the backing vocal is perfectly placed to enhance the listening. The band will drop Goodbye on May 25th via Felte.

Rocker from Nu.mber

You’ve got start Friday off the right way, and I can’t think of a better way to being than with this new tune from Nu.mber. The work is the brainchild of artist Jeff Fribourg, and his love of synthesizers is clearly at play on this tune. The guitars angrily drive the song down the tunnel of your speakers, with a propulsive rhythm section pounding away. But, the layered synths and distorted vocals actually provide a catchy element to the tune. It’s fast, furious and then its over, leaving you to wait until Goodbye, the debut LP, drops via Felte on May 25th.

Brand New Indiepop from Pale Spectres

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this new Pale Spectres EP to drop, and it looks like we’re getting a little bit closer as the band have dropped a new single. It’s the perfect jam for a Friday, dreamy and spirited, supported by some precision drumming that keeps the song pushing forward. I like the mini breakdown of ringing guitars that hits right after the 2 minute mark…closing out the track with a wistful vibe looking towards the future. Look for this new EP to drop in August via Cloudberry Records.

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New Music from 808s and Greatest Hits

You’d expect with our modern awareness of the 808s that we’d get some over-worked drum loops from a project like 808s and Greatest Hits, but instead Skube Burnell is just going to bring you seductive pop songs. He’s going to work around mellow melodies and some angular guitar stabs, slowly sucking you into his vision of pop music. His subject matter here seems to approach the concept of packing your bags and heading out on a new adventure, something I hope most people can appreciate in their lives. Give in to these vibes, and you won’t look back. I’ll keep you posted on more news as it comes my way.

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Goodbye Fortuna Pop: A Love Letter

fortuna-pop-637x358Ever since I first started collecting music as a passion, I’ve always been one of those that blindly follows the labels I love; I buy anything they put out, whether or not I was initially impressed with what I heard…I trust these people. It probably started with Dischord, somehow merged into Saddle Creek and Vagrant…then the Internet exploded…and with that, so did my tastes. I had to find a new label to love…among those was Fortuna Pop. Read more