Kicking It with NE-HI

The Chicago scene is popping off this week; we’ve already tossed out a great new Pool Holograph tune, and now here we are with a rad new NE-HI video. This new song employs the group’s signature twanging guitar vibe, while still bringing in a bouncing stomp that begs you to tap your toes. If any band’s going to bring you an infectious little indie jam, it’ll probably come from these guys. You’ll hear this new song on the band’s new 7″, slated for release on November 3rd via Grand Jury, just as the band venture off on a pretty extensive tour!

Watch a New Monk Parker Video

I bounced around a lot on Friday night, catching Lomelda and Florist, Big Thief and then settled into a wonderful set by Monk Parker. It was a reminder to me, as it surely was to those in attendance how special Monk’s new record, Crown of Sparrows, truly is…it’s no longer simply country, but an expansive sound that supersedes genre identifiers. Now you can enjoy this grainy video, mixing flowers and a clay-mation Parker chasing after a love interest. Enjoy the video, and if you haven’t, grab the new LP from Grand Jury Records.

Monk Parker | Gaudy Frame from Glasgow Dreamer on Vimeo.

Have a Listen to New Monk Parker

We’re less than a month away from the release of Monk Parker‘s new album, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this new song as much as I do. It begins with simple electronic samples working behind Parker’s Texas leanings (imagine a country-version of Arab Strap). As the song unfolds, the song blossoms, growing into a larger entity as horns and added layers fill in the space. It settles down a bit towards the end, but if you’re looking for where country goes in the future, it sounds like Monk Parker has it figured out. Look for Crown of Sparrows via Grand Jury on August 4th.

Love This New Ne-Hi

Chicago’s Ne-Hi has been on our radar for sometime, but with the announcement of their new album, it looks like we’ve got something delicious waiting for us on the other side of the New Year. The band uses this video to unleash a slow-paced hook, matched by the footage seemingly shot in a similar fashion. For me, as per usual, the vocal tones are what hooks me…reminds me a bit of our friends the Young Girls…not quite on pitch, but quite off either. Grand Jury is going to be handling the release of Offers, which comes out on February 24th of 2017.

Ne-HI Sign to Grand Jury

nehiThe Chicago scene is getting louder, at least it seems to have had a recent reemergence in the indie blogs, at least with the fandom of Twin Peaks…and now Ne-Hi. The group has just signed on to work with Grand Jury for their next release, and in the meantime, they’ve tossed up a new track to tease us until the record is done. While the song has a bit of a noisy blasting style, I think my favorite part is when the whole song pulls back around the 2 minute mark for a softer approach; it’s a nice dynamic that elevates the song. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s release going forward.

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Here’s A New Twin Peaks Tunes

twinsIt’ll be interesting to hear the entirety of the new Twin Peaks album as a whole, as a collection. They seem to have been working different angles on all the singles we’ve heard thus far, and the newest carries on with slight musical twists. It sounds like a bit of Kurt Vile jamming with Real Estate, though I hear more of a barroom feel going on in the way the song is met with some tinkering piano. Their new album Down in Heaven is only a few weeks away, with a release on May 13th via Grand Jury…so we’ll finally get to hear how all these tracks fit in together.

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Gotta Share A New Track From Twin Peaks

unnamed-35Your favorite group of youthful rambunctious rebel rousers from Chicago, Twin Peaks, have got a new single! It’s called “Butterfly” and it’s every bit as exciting as you’d expect from the group, while somehow waxing a little bit softer in the middle of the track. The song has got that grungey garage aesthetic that the band does so well, and features distorted guitars running rampant throughout. I’m quite impressed with the subtle percussion on this track as well, and the way the band switches it up a little in the middle to keep you interested.

Their newest and upcoming album, Down in Heaven, is out May 13th via Grand Jury. Get stoked.


Fresh Twin Peaks Tune

twinsBright and early in the morning, and a bright new track from Twin Peaks to kick it off. Listening, it’s got a lot of polish on it, yet you can still hear the energy in the band’s performance, be it the distant yelps and screams or the swagger that comes from the track. I still think the song will turn some people’s heads, as this definitely has a bit more of an adult feeling to it; bands are allowed to grow up, and while it may not be as gritty, it’s definitely good. Their new album, Down in Heaven will be out on May 13th via Grand Jury.

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Dance Along To This Sweet Seoul Jam

1399043_426980044073991_1234408907_oWith things heating up around town, it’s always nice to find some good tunes that will put a little shimmy in your day and today that source of shimmy comes from Montreal’s Seoul. This lush and dreamy track, “Real June,”  has all the qualities of a new-wave/dream pop power combo track. The synths seem endless through the song, bringing a constant presence that coats everything in a cool warmth while the guitars jangle along gracefully. Then there are the vocals, which soar above it all, and when those “oohs” stream through your speakers you can’t help but groove along. I Become A Shade, their debut LP, is out June 9th via Grand Jury. 

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