Dig On This Eli Raybon Tune

There’s something about slow-jam synth pop that really makes me a sucker; I just drink it up and press play over and over again, much as I’ve done with this new Eli Raybon tune. I enjoy the way he slowly releases his vocal notes, almost as if they’re being drawn out against his will; it creates this seductive vibe that brings you deeper into the song itself. For now, this tune is a one-ff single, as Eli has just recently released his Green EP, so enjoy this jam, then go back in time and listen to his other tracks…you won’t wanna miss em’.

Premiere: Moor Hound Preps Green EP

On February 14th, many around these parts will be celebrating Valentines Day, which is all well and good, but more importantly, it’s the release date of Moor Hound‘s Green EP. On this track, as well as several others from the release, you have a stripped down affair of guitar and voice, mostly involving the concept of love, and love lost. Steve Marino is clearly working his way through something, with little baubles of memory such as the “taste of smoke on your lips,” though he admits to his former love that’s it’s “hard to see you around.” Surely you’ve been there, and in if so, you’ll connect immediately. If not, well, Marino’s heartfelt tunes are ballads for the every person, stripped to simplicity for repeated enjoyment. Have a taste below, and be sure to grab the EP from Darling Records.