Rock with New Guantanamo Baywatch

Guantanamo Baywatch continues to impress me with the way they’re approaching their latest release, Desert Center. It bares a resemblance to their psych-tinged garage rock, but here you see them taking on a more spaghetti western vibe, then moving into some surf rock territory towards the song’s middle before firing themselves to a raucous moment that most likely resembles the band’s early work. The band’s putting all the cards on the table for this release, and I, for one, can’t wait to hear it in its entirety; look for it on August 4th via Suicide Squeeze.

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Guantanamo Baywatch Aim to Keep Garage Rock Alive

While the spectre of garage rock still looms in the musical air, fewer and fewer acts are sticking to the genre at its purest (or as we ascribed it). Guantanamo Baywatch return with Desert Center, and just a slight hint at the sound they helped to repopularize. But, they’ve added a bit more boogie, a bit more soulfulness, all kicked on by the rolling drum work that opens the tune. There’s little musical stutters and exuberant shouts, and by the time the song hits its midway, you’ll be thinking that the band are perhaps as far removed as they could get themselves. Can’t wait to hear the new record, as these guys always have a secret hit or two saved for your ears until you buy the LP; it hits on August 4th via Suicide Squeeze.

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Here’s the Next Guantanamo Baywatch Single

gbI have an inkling that it’s going to be a really good year for the trio that is Guantanamo Baywatch.  They had a really good buzz both before and after SXSW, and the more we hear from their forthcoming album, the more we here at ATH are falling in love.  Their latest track has the band falling in line with like-minded artists the Shivas or Shannon and the Clams; the bands all have a knack for blending elements of garage rock with the purity of doo-wop.  It’s the sort of tunes you’d play to let your folks get hip to your good tastes.  Look for Darling…It’s Too Late, their latest, on May 12th by way of Suicide Squeeze.

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Guantanamo Baywatch Brings Twang and Swing

unnamed-5If you didn’t catch the last release from Guantanamo Baywatch, then go hit up Dirtnap Records and see if they have any copies of Chest Crawl laying around.  The odds are that they don’t, which is probably why the band’s been snatched up by Suicide Squeeze for their new album, Darling It’s Too Late.  The band has always had a knack for building unity between punk and surf, but here they really spin it into an old school pop rock sound, the likes that had your parents (or my old folks) creating babies.  It’s passionate and soulful (thanks to some help from Curtis Harding), yet it’s oh so gritty and real. Look for the record to hit stores on May 12th.

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New Music from Guantanamo Baywatch (SXSW Act)

gbAh, yes, it’s time for the Suicide Squeeze Singles to start rolling out, and they’re starting with a bang.  Their new series begins with a split between ATH favorites Shannon and the Clams and Guantanamo Baywatch.  Last time I heard from GB, they were rocking a sweaty punk style, but this new jam seems like the perfect fit for a shared 7″ with Shannon.  It’s a country-tied garage jam with a slow pace and lyrics that will allow you optimal sing-a-long fun.  This single will hit stores on April 29th, but you can catch the band playing throughout Austin during SXSW, including the SS Party with our friends at Hardly Art on March 14th.

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Scuzzy Beach Rock from Guantanamo Baywatch

Dirtnap Records has done a pretty solid job with releases this year, and they might just have another one on their hands with the new record from Guantanamo Baywatch.  The album is called Chest Crawl, and this track is pretty much a solid snippet of what the whole thing will sound like to your ears.  It reminds me of a weird surf rock jam that lives somewhere between Thee Oh Sees and the Cramps.  It might not be for everyone, but it’s the kind of stuff I’ve been into lately. Give it a little taste.


Download:Guantanamo Baywatch – Boomerenga [MP3]