Guru Drop Double A-side

GURU is a Brighton based band we’ve posted about a few times over the years on ATH and I personally have grown to love their style and sound. Yesterday the band announced not one, but two new songs dropping as a part of a double A-side experience. Both of the songs, “Don’t Talk” and “LTD” can be found for your streaming pleasure below. The first will hit you in the jaw with a fast and raucous pace in a more traditional punk rock style. Then the second will slow things down a little bit, but not too much, for more of an anthemic, epic song adventure. Both are fantastic.

Raucous New Single From GURU

We’ve previously mentioned the Brighton group GURU and their knack for loud guitars and growling vocals. Well the boys are back at it again, this time with a loud, raucous single called “Fixation”. For this one, the band do manage to slow things down at spots in the song for a more swing, or post-punk type sound. Those elements paired with the group’s usual snarling vocals and fast paced energy create a truly inspired song. I’m sure we will be sharing more from these guys as the information reaches us.

Guru Break Out Heavy Rocker

Admittedly, I’m in the softer side of my listening years, but I still like my guitars nice and loud from time to time. Guru fits perfectly into that, especially with family traveling in…I need a noise escape. Your ears only gets 14 seconds of respite, as the band blasts through it all from start to finish. The guitars have this sharp chug action, while the vocals definitely carry a dangerous growl that’s sure to rile up any old crowd. The Brighton outfit punish your ears like early Ice Age, so if that’s your cup of tea, keep an eye on the act.