Brand New Track from Guts Club

Lindsey Baker and her Guts Club project came into my world in 2015 with the Arm Wrestling Tournament, followed quickly by the highly-rated Shit Bug. She’s been fairly quiet since, but returns today with this brilliant ballad from the RIP Records Introduces Series (it’s also slated to drop on a forthcoming LP later this Summer). This new track still brings the intimacy that you’ll find in the earlier releases; it always feels like your sitting right next to Baker as she pours her thoughts out. I also love the use of space in this song; the chords often seem like they’re just out wandering the world, taking you for a ride along with them. If you’re headed to Austin next week for SXSW, Guts Club will be there, so a chance could be yours to check out some new tunes.

New Guts Club Track + Album

gutsDidn’t Guts Club just release a record, you ask? Well, it was almost exactly a year ago, and Lindsey Baker is back at it with a brand new record, Shit Bug. She’ll likely be compared to a lot of other folk songstresses, but I appreciate the fact that she seems a bit more out of the ordinary, a bit rougher around the edges of things. I really think that this new effort will show us more of her unique songwriting, as well as growth; it’s going to be released by Moderate Fidelity Records on July 1st before she goes off to write another, I reckon. Lindsey will also be about town in Austin for SXSW, so if you’re here, keep an eye out.