Nice Pop Tune from Lace Curtains

I knew this was coming, after running into Michael Croomer over at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, but I couldn’t have dreamed that it would sound as good as this track that GvsB ran recently.  Lace Curtains, Croomer’s new project while Harlem is on the back-burner is just another great spawn of that incredible Austin band, with Grape Street being the other.  Sometime this year we shall get to hear The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, which is slated to come out via Female Fantasy.  I don’t really care when it comes out, as long as it has great songs like this one on it.


Download:Lace Curtains – High Fantasy [MP3]

New Music from JJ

While JJ continues to change their sound, albeit slightly (see the R&B influence below), I always find myself drawn to the music.  There’s something about the way the music evolves in the track, fusing with the vocal melodies in a light-hearted fashion that just tugs at my musical heartstrings.  Luckily, I came across a few new tracks from the group (via GvsB ) which you can grab over at Sincerely Yours. There’s still an element of electronica that bleeds through, but the arrangements with the strings create something altogether special.  Perhaps these new singles hint at the possible upcoming of JJ No. 4.  Who knows, but I’m sure we can just enjoy listening to this track for the rest of the week.


Download: JJ – No One Can Touch Us Tonight [MP3]

New Tunes from White Denim

Catching up on everything has been hard, but luckily GvsB has helped us get with it, offering up a spanking new track from Austin band White Denim.  This track comes off the band’s upcoming record, D, slated to hit stores on May 24th.  While the guitars and musical progression is definitely in the same vein of their most recent work, it’s nice to see a few decent changes, particularly in the vocals.  For one, the clarity is quite enticing, giving the group a bit more accessibility when it comes to the listening experience (as opposed to the live setting which we know they kill).  Pretty stoked to share this track with ya’ll.


Download: White Denim – Anvil Everything [MP3]