Pretty Rad Holy Wave Tune

There’s something about the new developments in the Holy Wave world that have piqued my interest; they’ve stepped slightly outside the realm of psychedelia to capture a broader sound, particularly on this new single. The first several minutes of the track do harken to the core genre, though they’ve included these brighter notes, just the faintest hint of Stereolab perhaps ebbing through. Then, the vocals enter the picture, with two seemingly contrasting vocal pieces, playing to each other; it’s a nod to dreamier bedroom pop, though with a larger sound one can’t escape. It’s like some weird sandwich that encapsulates everything in the current musical climate; I love it. Check the band’s Adult Fear LP on March 30th via Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Habibi Are Coming Back

Perhaps they never went anywhere, but regardless, Habibi has been silent for the last four years…that is until they dropped this brand new single. The group have finished up their new EP titled Cardamom Garden, and it looks to employ some of the similar touches of their last effort, though they group claims to be visiting the space where Iranian roots mesh with Midwestern pop aesthetics. Interestingly, it definitely seems rooted in the sounds of soulful psychedelia, indicating that perhaps our world is much smaller, musically speaking, than we imagined. Have a listen and be on the lookout for that new EP.

Catchy Girl Pop from Habibi

habibiThose of you looking to sink your teeth into sugary female-fronted pop need to go straight ahead and press play on this great  track.  It’s the new single from the girls’ just released, self-titled album, which is filled with songs that are as clever as they are endearing.  Each time I press play on the album, I end up just bobbing my head and cracking a smile.  It’s the sort of music we all need to break us out of our winter time doldrums.  You’re going to want to listen to this and make your day infinitely better.


Download: Habibi – I Got The Moves [MP3]