Have Another Tune from Plastic Flowers

This latest single from Plastic Flowers perfectly encapsulates his ability to craft tunes for the sake of escapism. The soft quality of the vocals pulls you in, synths wrap you up and the song just calmly sits in your being. Hints of dark bedroom pop are evident, but there’s this overwhelming sensation that allows you to momentarily step outside of yourself; this is the powerful music he’s crafting over in London. His new album, Absent Forever, will be released on November 10th via Native Sound.

Even More New Music From Tape Deck Mountain

Press_Photo.7We’ve been sharing a lot of new tuneage from noise pop makers Tape Deck Mountain recently.  Something about the change in tempos in the songs when you get slowed down only to be brought back up with some crazy electric guitars has us fully supporting the music.  Today we share yet another new track called “Half Life”, which can be streamed and/or downloaded below.  Of course it’s another noisy track that entrances you with swirling electric guitars and tons of feedback throughout.  I can dig that.

New EP Sway Sway will be coming stateside on October 1st via Nineteen98.


Download: Tape Deck Mountain – Half Life [MP3]