Instrumental Doom Pop from Fresh Snow

freshsnowI’m one that’s attached to lyrics, so I don’t really go about looking for instrumental tunes. That being said, this new Fresh Snow tune somehow crept under my skin. It’s a brooding bit of gloom, built on multiple smaller movements; it’s not unlike what some might hear in the Stranger Things soundtrack that’s taken off of late…only a little heavier. It’s also one of those crazy tracks that you just want to see brought to the live setting, pulsing and throbbing, creating something altogether animal-istic. Their new album One comes out this Friday via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Close Tuesday with Fresh Snow

freshsnowTook a few days off to run up and see some Oklahomies, so since I’ve been back, I’ve kind of hit my stride with the rock n’ roll groove. I wanted to give you something a little more chilled out to close your Tuesday listening with ATH. Toronto’s Fresh Snow have released this single, featuring vocals by Carmen of DIANA. It’s an interesting musical journey, sort of a patchwork of rhythms and electronic touches, coated in Carmen’s angelic vocals from time to time.  The group will be releasing Won via Hand Drawn Dracula on September 11th, so keep your eyes peeled for their dose of experimental pop.

New Music from WISH

wishOne of the tracks that popped up earlier this week and caught my ear was this little number by WISH, primarily the project of Kyle Connolly. The rhythm section pushes the song forward, pounding drums on the floor, but it was really the aspect of a warm wash atop it all that grabbed me.  I guess it’s not quite psych rock, but it’s not quite dream pop either; it’s somewhere floating in between. They’ve also got a video for the track below you can check out HERE.  The self-titled album from the project will be released on August 28th via Hand Drawn Dracula.