Stripped Indie Rock From Head Clouds



Head Clouds is a Melbourne act fronted by Jayke Maddison, and while they’re fairly under the radar right now that’s all about to change with this track, “New Light Of The Equinox.” What starts as a stripped down indie rock song, playing on the soft vocals of Maddison and gentle guitars soon transitions into what sounds to me like a mix between Grizzly Bear and The Walkmen, which means there’s everything to love about this sweet jam. Apparently this track is from an upcoming EP that the band’s been working on for a while, so keep your ears pricked for that. You can bet I’ll be posting about it.

Quiet Balladry from Head Clouds

headyI wanted to continue with our Australian themed day by looking over at Head Clouds, which is the product of Jayke Maddison.  In listening to his latest single, there feels like there’s two separate movements happening, especially once the song takes a turn just before the 2 minute mark. The pop aspect is smoothed out, adding in a more pronounced bit of percussion to elevate Maddison’s voice into a loftier place. There’s a new EP in the works, with growth on the mind of Jayke, clearing making a push for the most pristine pop music coming out of Gold Coast.


Download: Head Clouds – New Light of the Equinox