Check New Terry vs Tori

The last I heard from Terry vs Tori was back in 2018 when they dropped an EP via Bedroom Box Records…but a good Internet friend sent me their way again, and lucky for me…and you. This track is their second from their forthcoming debut LP, and it’s got just the right amount of gaze blended with the jangle; it gives a constant sensation of moving/falling throughout, depending on how you wanna look at it. Erica Pender’s voice is perfectly fit right smack dab between both genres, riding it out with this effortless cool warmth that makes pop nerds swoon. No exact date on the release, but I’ll keep you posted! Also…the band is from Sevilla, which is where my dad’s currently living, so you know, small world; they’re the best of friends.

Brand New Single From Hethers

hethersA few things seem to have changed for Hethers.  First, they dropped the “a” from their band name. Second, they moved off to New York, having been formerly based in LA. Of course, there’s also some musical changes too, which we could already witness on their last single in June. Some of the jangling moments that were apparent on early songs from the Fear 7″ are gone, and while there’s a huge pop sensibility, I feel like there’s a huge Paul Westerberg influence lurking in this track. Still now news on an official album or a new 7″, but I promise to let you know as soon as I do. I’m just stoked to share a good jam.


Download: Hethers – Guiding Light [MP3]

Show Preview: Heathers @ Holy Mountain (7.2)

heatherA lot of talk this week will be about Blonde Redhead and Mono, but I think there’s a show that you don’t want to overlook, which will be a smaller scale show, but equally as good. We’ve been on the path of Heathers since they first started popping up in the small world of indiepop blogs, and I’m excited to see them play live…not to mention that they just released a new single; it’s like an indiepop version of the Replacements. They’ll be joined by Baby Bleu, Popper Burns and Good Talk, so you’ll get a nice dosage of great local acts too…plus it’s cheap, so save your money for beers at the Holy Mountain bar. Take a listen to this great new single.


New Indiepop Delights from Heathers

a0468958385_10I first heard about Heathers through our friends in the excellent band Literature, so with their recommendation I gladly hopped on board with the LA band.  They just released a rad new single for their song “Fear,” which is definitely one of those jams I’d like you to spend some of your time with.  The guitars have more of a driving rhythm to them, as opposed to the common indiepop jangle, which allows for an interesting juxtaposition with the warm tones of the vocals.  I particularly like the way the vocals come across during the chorus.  Head over to their site and pick up your own copy of this limited 7″.

Crushing on the Heathers

329228260-1There’s an under-appreciated world of good pop music blogs out there, and one I can always trust is Skatterbrain.  The site turned me onto the Heathers earlier this week, and I’m stuck jamming this track non-stop.  There’s a brightness to the guitar sound, and the drums sound sloppily tight, giving a kicking groove that bubbles beneath the central hook. As of right now, this is the first recording from the LA group, but on this song alone, I have high hopes that they’ll do some more work soon, bringing many more casual smiles to music nerds like myself.


Download: Heathers – Teenage Clothes [MP3]