Hobby Club Drop Another Single

Feel like Hobby Club have been peaking into my record collection. Beth’s voice is powerful and up front; her performance is like she controls the room around her, even when speaking through the speakers. Behind her, there’s these jagged little jangling guitar lines, sharp and turning; they seem to match the drum beat perfectly, struck at just the right time to maximize the infectiousness. Important and fun, that’s how this feels to me, like I need to/have to listen, but I can kick up the feet just a little bit while in the process. I’m looking forward to the duo’s debut EP on Friday!

Bedroom Indiepop from Hobby Club

That dreamy guitar meandering that suckers in tons of indiepop fans opens the newest single from London duo, Hobby Club. The drums have this steady bounce that gives some additional motion to the track, but the band aim to mix it up, which bodes well for future tunes. At the tune minute they slow it way down for a mid track interlude that allows Beth to really flex her vocal chops before the listener; her range throughout the track is unique, but that musical interlude really puts her on display. The duo will be releasing their Video Days EP via Heist or Hit in March.

Her’s Release A Playful Track

A piece of straight-up playful pop has been unleashed upon the world. Our friends over at Heist or Hit sent word of the latest track from Her’s, a band that has 100% been on the hit side of that label name for the ATH team. The full-length Invitation to Her’s drops August 24th. Starting with a little bit of Casio keyboard drum machine and hook, “Harvey” charms you like a happy secret. It is a pleasant three and half minutes well worth your investment on a Thursday.

Pizzagirl Kicks Off EP Video Series

Pizzagirl is bedroom pop project out of Liverpool by Liam Brown. There is no girl (or pizza) in the band. Having recently signed with our friends in Heist or Hit, Pizzagirl puts down dreamy synth lines while delivering the at times frivolous lyrics with an earnest tone; I’d say it is Magical Cloudz in happier days. We have featured a few songs here already, the EP An Extended Play was out about a month ago. Recommended. Videos will be released for each song on the EP so tune into the Pg YouTube channel.

Hooked On Hers

When a band throws in Orange Juice and Ariel Pink as their go-to stylistic choices, I’m going to listen, which is one of the many reasons I love this new track from Her’s. The warbly opening leans more towards the Ariel side of things, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I think there’s a noticeable nod to Julian Casablancas in the way the vocals are delivered. Wrapping up this all in a unique bit of infectiousness puts this Liverpool duo high upon our radar of up-and-comers; look for their limited edition 7″ via Heist or Hit.

Catchy Hit from Pizzagirl

This isn’t the first time that Pizzagirl has graced our site, and it probably won’t be the last. While it begins boisterously, it quickly recedes to a smoother pop realm, pulling back into more of a club croon. The chorus reverts back, balancing the track between happy energy and thoughtful pop delivery. The faint guitar shuffle beneath the mix is a nice little nod to the indiepop world. This song features on the new An Extended Play EP, which is being released by Heist or Hit on April 13th.

Simian Ghost Share A Clever Video

One of the lovely things I saw during SxSW was the very charming set by Simian Ghost. The Swedes are not huge fans of the current political climate in these United States. Case in point, they would randomly change a lyric in a song to “Impeach the Clown” during their sets at SxSW.

Aside from having a clever video, “Stop Moving” is a sparkling example of why Swedish pop sensibilities need to permeate all corners of the globe. Their sound is more organic these days, in fact this track is downright disco in nature, as they have picked up the guitars in favor of the pure synths that dominated earlier recordings. There is a new record coming soon via Heist or Hit, but until then…