Show Review: Helio Sequence @ Red 7 (6/9)

With the weather warming up a bit, we decided it was best to attend the Helio Sequence with 3/4 of the ATH team in attendance; you’ve got to have strength in numbers in case you get dehydrated.  The band blew into town fresh on the heels of their latest, self-titled, album.  They brought along Portland’s Lost Lander as openers, and treated us to a set of hits and new favorites.

Read on for more thoughts and plenty of bgray pics…

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Show Preview: Helio Sequence @ Red 7 (6/9)


Date 6/9/15
Location Red 7 
Doors 8pm
Tickets $14 @ Red 7 or $16 @ Door

Those looking to get out and about on a Tuesday night in Austin should head on out to Red 7 for longtime favorite around these parts The Helio Sequence.  Complimenting the lineup nicely is Portland based, and fellow ATH favorite, Lost Lander.  With a busy week ahead in Austin, this is definitely a can’t miss show.

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Fun Fun Fest Recap: BGray Edition

I usually end up putting in more miles around a festival then those other two guys. That means I usually see and more importantly hear more bands than the average festival goer.

This year, I was able to relax a bit on Friday as I was with out photo pit access. Once all that was remedied, it was full steam ahead. I had plenty of fun chasing the sound. We’ll start with a Top 5 bands and then hit on festival observations.

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Fun Fest Recap: RayRay Edition

We’ve always had one hell of a time at Fun Fest every year, and we always have some fun after the festival discussing our take on each day’s events.  This year, we’re letting each one of our writers provide their own take on the weekend with a personal recap of the goings ons so as to not compromise or impose on any one writer’s opinions.  I’ll be starting things off today with some random thoughts and favorite bands from the best festival in town.  Follow the jump for more from me.

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Fun Fest Preview: The Helio Sequence

We’re only a a short week or so away now from the upcoming Fun Fest this weekend and it’s time for us to start really delving into this lineup.  It’s hard for me to pick just one band to focus on so we’ll be bringing you several previews this week with bands we deem worthy of your time.  Today I’d like to turn your attention to veteran indie outfit The Helio Sequence.  Follow the jump for a little info on the band and their set time.

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More New Music From The Helio Sequence

Last month we heard a new single from The Helio Sequence called “October” and I know the entire ATH crew was pumped to hear the band was back into action.  Today the band is offering another new song called “Hall of Mirrors” up for free download and it’s getting us even more amped up for the upcoming album.  As previously mentioned, Helio Sequence have a new album coming out entitled Negotiations which is available on September 11th via Sub Pop.


Download: The Helio Sequence – Hall of Mirrors [MP3]

Brand New Beauty from The Helio Sequence

There are some bands who you wonder how they’ve remained in obscurity for so long.  I know it’s been four years since The Helio Sequence last released Keep Your Eyes Ahead, but even still, that record is super solid. And now, with the band set to release Negotiations on September 11th via Sub Pop Records, you expect big things, even if no one else does.  Listening to this track, it has the marks of the current indie climate, capturing both beauty and melody simultaneously, while still maintaining the intimacy I’ve always appreciated about the group.  If there was one band more people need to love, it’s this one.  Listen in to see if you don’t agree.


Download:The Helio Sequence – October [MP3]

Show Preview: Helio Sequence @ Club Deville (11/4)

Date 11/4/10
Location Club Deville
Doors 8pm
Tickets Free with RSVP

Those of you not attending Fun Fest this year will surely enjoy some of the awesome official after parties and pre-parties going down.  You can start things off Thursday night by heading to Club Deville for an awesome party headlined by non-festival band Helio Sequence.  You’re also gonna get super solid and local treatment with Till Were Blue or Destroy along with some of our favorite locals in Great Nostalgic.  With the whole thing being free with RSVP, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be here for this.  I would suggest early arrival as this will get super packed and at capacity quick I’m sure.


Download: Helio Sequence – Shed Your Love [MP3]

Helio Sequence @ The Mohawk (6/4)

heliosequenceOne of Sub Pop’s great bands, Helio Sequence, will be making their way to the stage at The Mohawk this Thursday night, in what is sure to be another beautiful set from the band. Last year’s Keep Your Eyes Ahead was one of the more quiet albums that grew as the year wore into it’s final season.  They’ll be taking the stage with D*R*I* and Low Line Caller. Doors to the show open at 8 PM and you can purchase tickets by heading over to Transmission Entertainment.


Download: Helio Sequence – Shed Your Love [MP3]

Top 40 Songs Of The Year

So when we thought making an albums of the year post was hard, this one proved to be even harder.  How do you take literally thousands of songs and narrow it down to the best 40 of the year?  Not too sure how to answer that question, but we tried.  Each of these songs scream 2008 in our ears.  As evident by this list, the year in music was quite a good one and we had some tough choices to make.  We’ve got some of the songs streaming for you or links to the song on youtube.  Follow the jump to see if your favorite tune of the year made the list.

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