Another Hit by Hello Paris

Over the last year I’ve fawned over the music of Hello Paris, a group I still know very little about, other than I’m totally in love with everything that’s been released. The latest single is just over two minutes of bouncing joyousness that makes you want to go live your life to the fullest on this Friday. A slight little bit of dreaminess comes through in the guitar sound, and the way the vocals seem to have a slight wash over them in the mix. A solid rhythm section keeps your toes tapping all the way from start to finish, and I continue to be amazed at how the group just drops infectious number and infectious number; you should be listening to this band!

Must Listen: Brand New Hello Paris Tune

Perhaps one of my favorite things in the past year has been the discovery of Hello Paris. I’m not sure why they’re not on everyone’s radar, but hopefully you take a listen to the brand new track that just dropped. Musically, the guitars shine in the front of the mix, taking on these crisp tones that are destined to pick up your spirits. The vocals have this echoing effect that almost feels as if they’re reaching out to you from far off, trying to hold you tight. Honestly, there are few artists as captivating as Hello Paris at the moment. Fall in love below.

Continually Impressed by Hello Paris

Hello Paris has been on my radar for some time, crafting these bouncing indiepop hits coated in atmospheric washes; it’s precisely what we get with the brand new single that just peaked its head up. Immediately, the drums dance your way into the track, quickly joined by jangling little guitar lines. The vocals, while not entirely clear, add a further texture to the tune, giving it that cool beach vibe we all adore…especially now that Winter is creeping in to our lives. Not entirely sure where this tune will fall in the release schedule of the band, but as of now, you don’t want to sleep on this gem.

Fresh Track from Hello Paris

I still can’t find too much information on Hello Paris, though I’m excited to see the project working with Beko, a label I respect greatly. The two new tunes on this EP are pretty great, with one offering this dark post-punk vibe and the other taking more of a progressive pop perspective that dances around your ears. “Into the Deep Misunderstanding” has these great guitar notes, familiar to many, yet taking on their own mannerisms as propulsive drum loops work behind and the vocals fade atop the track. Just sit back, listen to some escapist pop music that’s, honestly, not like too many things you’ll hear the rest of the week.

New Music from Hello Paris

There’s not too much info out there on Hello Paris, but that’s part of the joy of discovery, is it not? The band are offering up this carefully crafted pop that probably could fall under the dreamy genre. Guitars drift into the air, then they just hang there, lightly dangling as the vocals soothingly drape across the mix. They’ve got a couple of other tunes on their Soundcloud, but other than that, I don’t have anything on the band…just an enjoyable tune for you to drift off into this Monday.